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How To Pay Online Electricity Bill In Chandigarh

Earlier people used to pay electricity bills by queuing up in long lines but in 2015 Chandigarh Administration let the citizens to pay their electricity bill online. This was one of the biggest moves in order to make Chandigarh a smart city but unfortunately still even after two years people are unaware of online facility and they still pay electricity bills offline. Today we will tell you how you can pay online electricity bill in Chandigarh.

Before you know the actual process know that online electricity and water bill payment facility for citizens of Chandigarh has been facilitated by Chandigarh Administration though e-sampark.  To pay online electricity bill in Chandigarh a special portal has been set up where users are able to take out a print of paid bill. If you are totally new to online payments then know that your payments are fully safe as the portal is hosted on Indian government server – nic.in.

How To Pay Online Electricity Bill In Chandigarh

1. Go to http://sampark.chd.nic.in/ it will redirect you to which is Sampark’s online payment portal. Alternatively, you can visit http://chandigarh.gov.in and click on e-payment option in the sidebar.

2. As this is your first time click on Sign Up and fill the required fields. Here you will be asked to fill username and password that you must note down or make sure it is memorable to you. After that enter your name, email ID, mobile number, address, and pin number.

3. When your account is created it redirected you to the home page where you need to click on Login button and enter your username and password.

4. After login, you are able to see your profile including all information like name, phone number, address, email and more.

How To Pay Online Electricity Bill In Chandigarh

5. From the top menu click on Service and click on Electricity Bill from options. You can also choose Water Bill or Property Tax also. If you have any due payment.

6. Now as you are here to pay online electricity bill in Chandigarh. Click on Electricity Bill and enter the account number that you can found on your electricity bill. Know that you need to enter the account number one time. Next time it will automatically appear when you log in to your area.

7. You can check your outstanding bills by clicking on View Pay Outstanding from the top menu.

Transaction Charges

Generally, online payments are free but you will be charged a little amount when you pay online electricity bill in Chandigarh. Though you will be not charged if you use AXIS Bank card. Here is a breakdown.

Online Transaction Charges powered by Axis Bank
Through any Internet Banking Rs. 0
Through any Debit Card Rs. 0
Through any Credit Card Rs. 0
Online Transaction Charges powered by PNB
Through Internet Banking Rs 10/- per transaction
Note: For PNB Internet Banking users no transaction charges will be levied.
Through Debit Card @0.0% for payments up to Rs.2000/-
@0.90% for payments above Rs.2000/-
Note: Applied w.e.f 27 Jan 2018
Through Credit Card @1% of the transaction amount
Plus Other @18% Service Tax Under GST will be Charged only on Online Transaction Charges

So this is how you pay online electricity bill in Chandigarh. If you still have any question in your mind then feel free to ask us in the below comment section.

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