HomeTCBHow to Register Your Pet Dogs in Chandigarh? Know Step-By-Step Process

How to Register Your Pet Dogs in Chandigarh? Know Step-By-Step Process

HomeTCBHow to Register Your Pet Dogs in Chandigarh? Know Step-By-Step Process

How to Register Your Pet Dogs in Chandigarh? Know Step-By-Step Process

If you are a resident of Chandigarh and if you have a dog as a pet, then you will have to mandatorily register your pet with the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation, which has launched an online facility, ‘Im Chandigarh’ App for the purpose. The purpose of the pet dog registration is to prepare a database of pet dog owners, control illegal practices like unregistered dog breeding, and also monitor pet vaccination schedules. What is the process to do this, and how will it help the municipal corporation? Let’s know in detail!

Pet Dog Registration in Chandigarh – Now From The Comfort Of Your Home

In a move to promote the welfare of pet dog owners in Chandigarh, the Municipal Corporation (MC) has integrated online registration facility through ‘Im Chandigarh’ App for pet dog owners. Through registration, dogs can be protected by getting them vaccinated for rabies by a certified veterinary practitioner and maintaining the vaccination record is a must, MC commissioner said.

pet dog registration in Chandigarh

The UT MC has warned citizens of action if they fail to register their dogs. They clarified that if the owners do not pay attention to this, they might have to loose their dog to Chandigarh MC. Apart from this, the Commissioner appealed to dog owners to vaccinate their pets for rabies as well.

We notified about the same on our Instagram page too. Dog owners, please have a look! Many of you had asked about the complete process about how to register your pet dogs in Chandigarh. So, keep reading to know the procedure.

How Can You Register Your Pets in Chandigarh?

People residing in Chandigarh can get their pet dogs registration done through ‘Im Chandigarh’ App. Follow the below mentioned process by which you can get your dog registered with Chandigarh Municipal Corporation.


  • First and foremost, download the Chandigarh Smart City Limited app, ‘Im Chandigarh’, from Play Store.
  • Secondly, create an account if you are a new user.
Pet dog registration in chandigarh
  • Click on the ‘online permission’ category.
Get your pet dogs registered in chandigarh
  • Go to the ‘NOC to keep pet’ option.
Im chandigarh application
  • Now, go to ‘my application’ and fill in all the details like the name of pet dog, colour, age, breed. etc.
I'm Chandigarh application for pet dog registration
  • Next, attach all the required documents.
  • Pay Rs 500 fee online.
  • Further, a brass token with a number engraved on it will be delivered through courier at your home.
  • The token is supposed to be hung around the dog’s neck.

Documents To Be Submitted

The pet dog owners need to submit these documents when registering their dogs.

  1. Undertaking regarding taking care of the dog
  2. Applicant’s Aadhar Card
  3. Dog’s Vaccination Card
  4. Attestation by a Veterinary Doctor


Furthermore, one can also physically submit the application by following these steps.

  1. Download the registration form from MC website: www.mcchandigarh.gov.in or click on this direct link for that.
  2. After filling the form, you can submit it in person by going to the office in sector 17.
  3. Carry the necessary documents mentioned in the above section.
  4. Followed by a brass token delivered for the peg dog at the pet dog’s owner’s address.

Medical Officer of Health, Chandigarh

Address : S.C.O. No. 6, 7, 8 & 9, 30 Bays Building, Sector 17-B, Chandigarh
Contact No. : 0172-2787200
Timings: 9am-5pm( Monday-Friday)
Get Directions: Google Map

Last Words

“For the convenience of the citizens of Chandigarh, a new application has been developed by Chandigarh Municipal Corporation for online new registration of pet dogs on the Im Chandigarh app,” said CMC.

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