HomeTCBTravel an Extra Mile with Chandigarh's Top 5 Authentic Gedi Routes

Travel an Extra Mile with Chandigarh’s Top 5 Authentic Gedi Routes

HomeTCBTravel an Extra Mile with Chandigarh's Top 5 Authentic Gedi Routes

Travel an Extra Mile with Chandigarh’s Top 5 Authentic Gedi Routes

Chandigarh is like a treasure chest that never runs out of surprises. Every visit promises something new, whether it’s mouth-watering cuisines or favorite hangout spots. But one trend that’s really taken off, especially among the younger crowd, is the Gedi Route craze. You’ve likely heard your pals saying, “Let’s go on a gedi,” or caught whispers about it around campus. If you’ve ever wondered what the fuss is all about and why everyone’s hooked, you’re not alone.

For years, Chandigarh has served as a premium destination, offering you everything on a single plate. If you’re tired of visiting the local spots or scrolling through Instagram or websites in search of an adventure like never before, then we’ve got you covered with Chandigarh’s top 5 authentic Gedi routes.

Highlights of Chandigarh’s Top 5 Authentic Gedi Routes

The Chandigarh Gedi route has been a hit for years and has been a well-known tradition for years braiding through different sectors of the city. If you’ve ever lived in or visited Chandigarh, chances are you’ve hopped on a bike or in a car for a nighttime spin around town at least once.

Below we have listed the top 5 places that have been hitting the trends for years.

  • Sector 8- “Gedi Vibes=Posh Vibes”
Chandigarh's Top 5 Authentic Gedi Routes

The place where the ‘Gedi’ tradition began and is still going strong. It’s passed down through generations. The best thing about it is the food. Did you know that Sector 8 is nicknamed Mini Las Vegas? It shows the high quality of life in Chandigarh. This area has lots of famous brands and restaurants. Not everyone knows about ‘Geri Route’, but it’s a popular network of streets loved by the city’s youngsters. It comes under Chandigarh’s top 5 authentic Gedi routes.

  • Sector 9-” Into the Kahaniyas of Stylish Kothis”
Sector 9 Chandigarh

Sector 9 in Chandigarh is like the cream of the crop, especially if you’re after a luxurious lifestyle. Several well-known people call it home, including Mr. Parkash Singh Badal, former Punjab chief minister. This sector is populated with gorgeous villas, beautiful independent residences, huge Kothis and bungalows, fine-dining restaurants, and contemporary cafés. Once the sun sets, Sector 9 comes alive with people cruising around on their night rides, exploring the city. Visitors from various states flock to Chandigarh, just to soak in the exhilarating experience of nighttime rides around Sector 9.

  • Sector 10- “Not logo ki bheed, but Cars ki bheed”
Sector 10 Chandigarh

Sector 10 stands out as one of the safest spots in Chandigarh. While roaming around for fun, you might catch sight of some sleek Ducati and Porsche rides. The popular Gedi Route in Chandigarh is counted in Chandigarh’s top 5 authentic Gedi routes and is a favorite place among locals. Originally known as Geri Route, it was renamed Azaadi Route after a request by Deeptha Vivekanand during the Bekhauf Azaadi (fearless freedom) March following an incident involving DJ Varnika Kundu in August 2017. Along Azaadi Route in Sector 10, you’ll find a variety of restaurants and dhabas serving up tasty treats, as well as a busy market where you can shop till you drop.

  • Sector 36 MCM College-”College jana hai, Par actual mein andar Nahi jana”
Sector 36 MCM College

Sector 36 is quickly gaining fame as the second gedi route in Chandigarh. It all starts at the scenic Fragrance Garden, leading you past landmarks like the Alliance Franchise Institute and MCM DAV College. As you go, you’ll find yourself in the lively Sector 36 market, always full of hustle and bustle of people. Sometimes, the route even stretches to Dev Samaj College, offering extra excitement for those exploring the city. Whether you’re after a laid-back outing or a bit of adventure, Sector 36’s Gedi route has something new for everyone to experience.

  • 3B2 Mohali-”Haan wahin Ultra Level Max Pro Place for Enjoyment n Gedi”
3B2 Mohali

This area, located in the heart of Mohali, is a microcosm of the city’s vibrant life, with everything from shopping and dining to leisure and entertainment. Interestingly, one of the busiest marketplaces in the area is the Phase 3B2 market. This place? Well, it’s basically the Gedi route of Mohali, where people gather for some good times. The Tricity crowd can be seen walking around the market in their vehicles and on foot.

Wrapping Thoughts 

When it comes to exploring Chandigarh’s most happening spots, you don’t want to miss out on the top 5 authentic “gedi routes.”These routes are like the city’s secret paths, where you can experience the real vibe and spirit of Chandigarh. They’re not just roads, they’re roads to fun, excitement, and a taste of local culture. So, if you’re up for an adventure and want to travel an extra mile to discover the heart and soul of Chandigarh, these gedi routes are where you should head.

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