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5 Effective Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy- To Be A Better You!

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5 Effective Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy- To Be A Better You!

Ways to stay healthy and fit

Health has varied perceptions to varied people depending on their body,age, weight etc. Staying fit and healthy is not just the absence of disease and disability but also comprises of 3 aspects of one’s life-

  • Physical health
  • Mental health 
  • Social health 

A very famous quote written by Mahatma Gandhi -”Health is the real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver”, beautifully and accurately defines what health is.

Why is it of significant importance ? 

Before putting light on the approaches for staying fit and healthy, let’s understand why our well-being is imperative. Have you ever wondered why even after having luxurious and rich lives, with all the desired amenities, we still suffer immense unhappiness and unhealthiness? What is the cause behind it? If we just pay attention to our sedentary lifestyles, we would be able to figure out the severity of our health’s graph deteriorating steadily. Stress being the most common and dire element of our lives, it becomes an extreme concern to take extensive care about our health and overall fitness. It is our responsibility to watch our health and lead a blissful and illness free life or else we will be the only ones who are going to pay the price sooner or later. 

There are plethora of techniques floating on the web to guide you through improving your fitness and promote health associated tips and tricks, however, we will introduce 5 fruitful ways that can help you in making your life better and much much healthier. 

Give it a thorough and a good read!

  1. Pick any physical activity of your choice
physical activity

Moving your body doesn’t only imply in gyms, while performing exercises, jogging or doing Yoga, it simply means when the body is in physical motion. It often gets confined to doing rigorous exercises, aerobics, lifting and stuff, but it isn’t true and in fact any kind of activity can do the job unless you are moving. Sounds like a huge sigh of relief??!! Well, it’s a proven study that indulging in household chores on a daily basis is a great way to be physically active. For instance, many people find washing dishes meditative, so, if you are one of them, then it also counts as a physical activity. Not only will it free you from the dirty dishes but also your everyday movement can bring wonderful benefits and can enhance the overall quality of your life and aid in staying fit and healthy.

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  1. Eating healthy food
eat good food

We all have cravings for munching on sugary, oily, creamy and spicy food and it certainly satisfies our taste buds. Thanks to our fast-paced lives! However, the amount of damage it will do to your body can cost you more than the prices of the foods you will consume. There is no rocket science for it, so, don’t fall for trendy diet plans that the industry offers to you. Mindful eating can be tremendously helpful which involves slow eating in a relaxed posture and consuming simple food keeping in mind its health quotient and moderation. To eat a nutritious and freshly cooked diet will bring a profound transformation to your mind and body. And to achieve that, a simple key is to keep nourishing food in the fridge and maintain the habit religiously. 

If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food- Errick McAdams

  1. Do not take stress
no stress for a fit life

Our life is surrounded by a vicious circle of our never-ending dreams and aspirations which elevates the stress levels causing drastic harm to our health and body. More dreams brings more stress, it’s simple logic and will always go hand in hand. Consequently, we tend to ignore our mental health which is a major part of our evolution and enlightenment. Lead and live your life with happiness, avoid comparisons and judgements, do what you love and not what you think you should be doing. Set achievable goals, surround yourself with people who are good for your peace and sanity. Plus not those who give you fear of missing out on things and experiences. Contentment and constructive thought process will help you out in staying super fit and healthy. 

  1. Stay away from smoking and drinking alcohol 
no smoke and drink

Another and the easiest way to keep healthy and fit is to plainly avoid tobacco and nicotine products and consumption of alcohol. Grabbing a glass of whisky looks royal and cool but it will spoil your system, especially when consumed excessively. Individuals often reckon them as stress busters. However, they have no idea to what extent it will worsen the stress levels and respiration process. The practice will give you an abundance of assuredly negative health-related results, turning to cancer prone bodies. It’s critical to keep your heart, lungs and your liver to function in its optimum state. And for that you are going to maintain a distance from these hazardous practices. Not only will it save your money but will also benefit you from dire diseases. 

  1. Live ethically 
live ethically

Your morals and conscious will always decide your perceptions, leading to your actions and your actions deciding your life. It’s you who has to introspect before making a move. Don’t be a part of the unethectical world, always choose the right part. It will give a meaning to your life and will make  the journey a lot worthwhile. Apart from this, aligning your activities with values will always let you sleep peacefully at the end of the day. If your sleep cycle is better, your mood will be better. Your good mood conducts your day and you feel much healthier in all terms and your positive hormones overpowers. That’s how it works! Define and commit to your ethics to experience and explore a fit and healthy life and a life free of regrets and resentments. 

So, here’s the good news to stay fit and healthy

Engaging in these 5 successful, constructive and simplest of strategies will bring out the best version of you. Some out of the unlimited advantages include, remarkable improvement in the quality of your life, risk of diseases will reduce manifolds. Besides this, it will lead to proper functionality, psychological goodness, reduction in stress and anxieties, higher self- confidence and satisfaction. This will prepare you for all the life challenges that will come your way and help you in keeping supremely fit and healthy.

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