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Test For Adulteration In Milk That You Can Do At Home

Milk is the common part of daily routine and we use it in many ways. Everyone wants to have it in pure form but nowadays to make more money vendors adulterated it by adding different things to it. So if you want to check that what kind of milk you are having then you can perform these test at home.

Test For Adulteration In Milk That You Can Do At Home

Test for adulteration 

Read below some test for adulteration in the milk:

Reduction Test

With the help of reduction test, you will come to know that milk is adultered or not. To perform this test you have to boil milk for 2-3 hours till it solidifies. Now check that residue is rough or there is an oily residue. If the residue is rough then it is adulterated.

Urea In The Milk:

To check the presence of urea you have to perform a simple test in which you have to mix a half tablespoon of milk and soybean powder. After shaking it properly, dip it in litmus paper for 30 seconds and if color changed from red to blue then there is the presence of urea.

Having Water In It:

If you want to know that if milk is mixed with water or not then you have to perform a simple test. You have to take one drop milk on your fist and let it flow. If the milk leaves a trail behind, it’s not pure else it’s good.

Synthetic Milk

Synthetic milk feels soapy after rubbing and after heating, it turns yellow then it is adulterated.

Mixed With Dalda in milk

Nowadays people mix dalda or vanaspati in the milk and to check it’s presence add 2 tablespoons of hydrochloric acid and 1 tablespoons of sugar to 1 tablespoons of milk. If the mixture turns red, its impure. The high amount of dalda consumption is not good for health.

Starch in milk

To check the presence of starch in milk you have to add 2 tablespoons to salt to 5 ml of milk. If mixture will turn blue then milk is adulterated.

These are things that your milk vendors can add in milk but with these ways, you can check the adulteration of milk at your home.



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