HomeACTIVITIESChandigarh sector 15 to own first ‘Modern Food Street’ with ‘Zero Waste’

Chandigarh sector 15 to own first ‘Modern Food Street’ with ‘Zero Waste’

HomeACTIVITIESChandigarh sector 15 to own first ‘Modern Food Street’ with ‘Zero Waste’

Chandigarh sector 15 to own first ‘Modern Food Street’ with ‘Zero Waste’

Living in a city like Chandigarh, where there are several options for flavorsome and mouth-watering street foods is truly a blessing. Chandigarhians can enjoy a variety of luscious street food in various parts of the city. Every corner or every other sector is popular for its one or other street style eatables. So, if you are fond of Chinese cuisines and want taste some authentic street flavors, you can undoubtedly head towards sector-15 Chandigarh.

But, are you thinking twice and worrying about the hygiene practices, food quality, open disposing places and parking spaces? Then think no more! Chandigarh Smart City Limited (CSCL) has come up with the best solution for all such problems. CSCL has launched the project of “Zero Waste Modern Food Street” in Chandigarh sector-15, to ensure 0-Waste and enhance Modern concept of street food. Now seek no further for a non-polluted, fresh, and Eco-Friendly space enjoy the street flavors.

Zero Waste Modern Food Street

Overview of “Zero Waste Modern Food Street” in Chandigarh sector-15

CEO of CSCL Anindita Mitra along with ACEO Anisha Shrivastav and area councilor Saurabh Joshi, inaugurated the construction work of “Zero Waste Modern Food Street.” On 12th March 2024 the project kicked off and is expected to complete within next 6 months. A budget of Rs 1.17 crores is passed for the project which is funded by the National Health Mission of the Government of India. It is an initiative taken to promote healthy and fresh food choices with Modern style and No-Waste of eatables.

Features and Highlights of the Project

The Zero Waste Modern Food Street comprises of several attractive features such as:

  • New reconstructed Flooring
  • Benches with Sheds
  • A Cycle and Walking Track
  • Display Boards with signages and symbols
  • Attractive ornamental lights
  • Proper placing of Bollards
  • Landscaping work
  • Twin Dustbins for waste management
  • CCTV Cameras for security
  • Water ATM for public

Anindita Mitra addressed that these features will be provided to the people for their convenience and use.

Zero Food Waste

Ms Mitra said, “the Zero Waste Modern Food Street in Sector 15 will serve as a model for sustainable urban development. It will not only provide a vibrant and appealing space for residents and visitors but also promote eco-friendly practices and healthy food choices.”

She further highlighted that, “the Zero Waste Modern Food Street will enhance the overall aesthetics of Sector 15 and contributes to the well-being of the community. She urged residents and visitors to support this initiative and help maintain a zero-waste environment.” She added that some of the highlights of the rejuvenated food street will be Zero Plastic, Differently Abled Friendly and only for Non-Motorized Transport.

Area Councillor Saurabh Joshi emphasized on the importance of collaboration and community engagement in the project’s success. He said, “the Smart City works closely with residents, local businesses, and government agencies to ensure that the Zero Waste Modern Food Street meets the needs and aspirations of the community.”

ACEO Smart City Ms Shrivastav quoted, “construction of the Zero Waste Modern Food Street will be completed within the next six months. Once finished, it will stand as a shining example of sustainable urban development, showcasing Chandigarh’s dedication to creating a greener future.”

This creative and resourceful initiative will help the locals to enjoy the flavors of street cuisines without worrying about the hygiene, quality, foul odors, and parking hassles. Not only this, but also covered drainage, no water blockages, proper constructed paths and eco-friendly community participation will be highlighted after the completion of the project.

Wrapping Thoughts

Over the past few years, food waste management has become a global concern. According to Food Waste Index Report, 50 kg of food is thrown away by per person every year in Indian homes. This indicates that 40% of food in India is produced just to be wasted every year. In such a situation, taking an initiate towards the eco-friendly practices, sustainable development and healthy food practices is must for greener and brighter future. Chandigarh sector-15 will be benefitted with this project and even the visitors will not worry about the hygiene while enjoying the street food.

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