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6 Places to try special Navratri Thali in Chandigarh

HomeCULTURE6 Places to try special Navratri Thali in Chandigarh

6 Places to try special Navratri Thali in Chandigarh

Chaitra Navratri is marked as one of the most auspicious festivals of Hindu calendar. This festival goes on for 9 days where Goddess Durga is worshipped in her 9 forms. However, talking about the tradition, this festival is related to Sattvik feast and fasting. So many people often keep fasts for all 9 days and eat a special prepared diet. Thus, there are eateries which came up with their special Navratri Thali in Chandigarh, prepared with no grains and pulses.

Navratri Thali in Chandigarh

People often consume non-cereal or millet based light food and also refrain from eating onion, garlic, non-vegetarian food and alcohol. They usually search for food prepared with ingredients used in fasting. Accordingly, there are several places which offers pure Navratri Thali in Chandigarh to feast you well while you are fasting.

6 Eateries offering special Navratri Thali in Chandigarh

If you are fasting, then do not miss the Navratri Thali in Chandigarh at these restaurants. These places will give you finger-licking experience and one would not be able to resist the Navratri delight menu even if you are fasting or not.

  1. Sagar Ratna– It is a pure vegetarian restaurant and known for its finest South-Indian food. During the festive season, it offers special Navratri Thali in Chandigarh along with other wide range of festive menu. It includes Sabudana Kheer, Kuttu Pooris, Samak Chawal Khichdi, Raita, Paneer, Aalo and much more filled with flavours.
Sagar Ratna Navratri Thali

Location– Sector-35C, Chandigarh

Sector-17E, Chandigarh

Elante Mall, Chandigarh

2. Sindhi Sweets– This is one of the oldest food joints and is famous for its premium sweets. They offer multiple options on their Navratri delight menu along with delicious flavours and taste. Their Chilla, Royal Pineapple Raita, aalo Raita, Sabudana Kheer and Fruit ki Chatpati Chat is something not to miss and must try.

Sindhi Sweets Navratri Thali

Location– Sector-17C, Chandigarh

Sector-32D, Chandigarh

Sector-8C, Chandigarh

Sector-26, Chandigarh

Elante Mall, Chandigarh

3. Bikanerwala– Want to try authentic vrat dishes this Navratri? Then do not miss to visit Bikanerwala near you. They offer 2 types of Navratri Thali- a normal thali and a deluxe thali. A deluxe thali has a bit more stuff to eat and is superior than normal one. Their menu comprises of special appetizers like falahari namkeen, falahari kebab platter, falahari paneer pakoda, aaloo masala chat, aaloo bonda and badaam cutlet that will make your mouth salivate to an unlimited extent.

Bikanerwala Navratri Thali

Location– Sector-22C, Chandigarh

Sector-40D, Chandigarh

Sector-26, Chandigarh

4. Shree Rathnam– It is majorly a South-Indian food joint which offers a perfect sattvik feast for all those who are fasting. They offer Navratri Thali in Chandigarh, prepared with both hygiene and taste. Their vrat thali includes dishes like aloo ki sabzi, kuttu puri, malai paneer, kaddoo (pumpkin) ki sabzi, curd, sabudana kheer, and sabudana papad. Each dish has a unique flavor and will surely satisfy your hunger even while you fast.

Shree Rathnam Navratri Thali

Location– Sector-17, Chandigarh

Sector-35C, Chandigarh

5. Gopal’s– This can be a next favourite choice for special Navratri Thali in Chandigarh, for having simple and sattvik food. They offer a decent festive menu along with the top-notch quality of food. Their Navratri menu includes kaddu ke pakode, cucumber raita, aloo raita, aloo bhaji, paneer ki sabzi, kuttu ki poori, Vrat rice and Kheer. All the meals are prepared in a clean and hygienic kitchen and the Navratri dishes don’t include any garlic or onion.

Gopal's Navratri Thali

Location– Sector-8C, Chandigarh

Sectoe-15D, Chandigarh

Sector-35C, Chandigarh

Sector- 19C, Chandigarh

6. Baba Dairy– This restaurant is famous for its top-quality sweets, bakery and food including a newly renovated sitting area for the people. They prepare a full-fledged Navratri special menu with a wide range of lip-smacking dishes. They offer  aloo ki sabzi, paneer ki sabzi, vrat ke pakode, raita, sabudana kheer and Kuttu Puri. Each dish made with desi ghee and is free from onions and garlic.

Baba Dairy Navratri Thali

Location– Sector-21C, Chandigarh

Last Words

These places offer the best Navratri Thali in Chandigarh, that too with quality food and affordable prices. So, next time you want to plan a get-together during Navratri, do not hesitate due to your fast. These restaurants are all prepared to serve you with their festive delights, keeping in view your fasting and ingredients of your feasting.

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