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Myths And Facts About Eggs That You Should Know

There are many misconceptions and myths about eggs, some people think that eating eggs daily is not good for health. Through this article, we will tell you all types of misconceptions that many people are having. Also, tell about facts and benefits about eggs that you should know. An amazing thing about the egg is, it is most nutritious food on this planet.Myths And Facts About Eggs That You Should Know

Myths And Facts About Eggs

These are some myths and facts about eggs that every vegetarian and non-vegetarian should know.

The only white part has proteins:

Many people say that only white part of the egg has proteins but yolk also has protein. Egg white has slightly more protein than egg yolk.

Raises your cholesterol:

Cholesterol is taken always as a negative word but cholesterol is very important part of our body and It is a structural molecule that is important for the single cell membrane. When we intake cholesterol diet then liver that produces cholesterol start producing it in less amount. Eggs raise HDL that is a good cholesterol and according to studies in 70% of people, there is no increase in LDL that is bad cholesterol due to eggs. So eat but not in excess.

Not eat daily:

This is also a myth about egg because “Sunday ho ya Monday Roz Khao ande” that will give you a good amount of proteins and other nutrients that your body needed.

Having raw egg is good:

There is the myth that raw egg is always good for the health than the cooked egg but cooked egg is better because cooking will kill the bugs that can make you ill.

Only bad eggs smell bad:

According to some people that only bad eggs smell bad. But eggs can smell and taste fine and still have Salmonella bacteria that can make you ill. So always discard cracked and dirty eggs.

The float test:

Some people say that we can test the eggs by float test that egg is good or bad. If an egg is good it will sink and if it is bad it will float. But it is just a myth. Salmonella will present whether it sinks or floats.

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