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Cleanliness In-charge in Each Building Of PU Will Keep It Clean

To make PU clean, cleanliness in-charge will be designated to each building, including academic and administrative buildings. This is going to done to clean every corner of PU and also to check the washrooms that they are clean or not and also to know that Sweepers are cleaning them properly or not. This will help to increase the cleanliness of the college and that is very important to maintain the hygiene.

Cleanliness in-charge in each building Of PU Will Keep It Clean

Currently, in PU there is no one who can take the responsibility of cleanliness in their building but from now onwards a designated in charge will ensure that the building does not lack on the cleanliness front. The in-charge will be a teacher in case of academic departments and will be changed from time-to-time on a rotation basis.


The Primary Job of the Cleanliness In-charge

There are some primary jobs that would be done by this cleanliness in-charge in the Punjab University and this will be very helpful to make the University clean. There work will include:

  • They will overlook work of sweepers and cleaners.
  • Keep their eyes on the sweepers.
  • Also, place the dustbins if there is a shortage.
  • Another important job of the in-charge will be to maintain hygienic and clean washrooms in the building.

There are many major challenges for the cleanliness of hostels because in summers in hostels there is a shortage of water and without water, it is hard to maintain cleanliness in washrooms. Also, another problem is related to the heap of garbage and anyone can find these heaps anywhere in the campus. Another challenge will be the student elections when littering covers complete roads.

There should be fine for littering on the road then election parties will take care about the cleanliness. The university has installed green and blue bins in many areas following the UT move of segregation of wet and dry garbage. Hope these new things will help to maintain the cleanliness of the University.


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