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Best Plans For The Parents To Secure The Future Your Child

Parents always want to secure their child future and they always make a plan for the betterment of their child. These plans start even after the birth of the baby but the desires and needs of a child change from the time of his or her birth until he/she grow up. With these growing needs, financial expenses also increase. Today in this article will tell you how you can you secure of child future:

Best Plans For The Parents To Secure The Future Your Child

Child’s financial future

Know how you can secure child future:

Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme

If you have a baby girl and you are worried about her future then take help of Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme that is the initiative by Government of India to secure the future of girl child. This account can be opened at the time of birth for the next 10 years. This scheme offers an interest rate of 8.1 percent and is tax-free.

Investment In Gold:

You can invest in gold for a child of yours. For this best option would be the gold ETFs, because there is no locker and other storage charges for this. Also, you can invest in the electronic form and there is no worry of theft.

Equity Mutual Funds:

For long-term, equity mutual funds are a better option to secure future of your child. This scheme helps to make a decent amount of money. For this, easy mode of payment available is SIP. You can expect a return around 12% per annum.


This is the best scheme to invest for a number of reasons. It is a 15-year scheme where you can build a corpus for your child’s education. This is best scheme to invest and at the end, you will get a decent amount for your child future.

Fixed Deposits:

Fixed deposits can also be very hep full for your child future and it will pay you as an interest every month.

Saving bonds:

For saving your child future you always search of better schemes and plans and this is the another good scheme where you can wisely save money for your child.

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