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#Fitness: Introduce Exercises that you can do anywhere in your workout plan

Fitness is vital for every individual to lead a good healthy body. Don’t be droopy to workout whenever you are out of town or on a vacation. Here are some interesting exercises that you can do anywhere without any gym equipments or anything. Introduce these exercises into your workout plan.

Exercises for your workout plan :

  1. Exercise No.1: The Plank pose

This exercise is a great way to begin your workout to tighten abs, back, butt and thighs. Hold the push up position for a while as long as you can. Do 8 to 10 reps of this exercise to stay fit and healthy.

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  1. Exercise No.2: Squats

Squats are an essential exercise for workout plan. These will tone your leg muscles and strengthen your body. Your toes should be facing straight ahead, but can be angled outward slightly.

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  1. Exercise No.3: Lunges

In this exercise stand with one leg forward and one back. Bend your knees make sure that the knees are at 90 degree angles.  Push on your heels and return slowly to your starting position.

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  1. Exercise No.4: Push Ups

Push Ups is a wonderful workout for your upper body if proper technique is followed. Keep your feet together and parallel to each other. Start with one to two sets and increase when you gain strength.

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  1. Exercise No.5: Bent Knee Crunches

This will strengthen your abdominal muscles and help to lose belly fat. Lie on your back with knees bent and put your hands behind your head and pull your elbows back. Exhale as you slowly curl your torso toward your thighs until your upper back is off the floor or mat. Hold for a count of three — add more time as you get stronger. Inhale as you lower your body back down to the mat.

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  1. Exercise No.6: V- Ups

It is meant for ab exercise. Try and do more sets to attain a strong healthy body.

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  1. Exercise No.7: Calf Raises

Do not ignore your calves in your workout plan. Muscle strength of the calves is also every important. Lift your heels off the floor and then slowly lower them.

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  1. Exercise No.8: Mountain Climber Twists

Keep your body straight and get into a push up position. Slowly lift your right knee toward your left arm and then back to the starting position. Repeat it for several times to build strength.

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  1. Exercise No.9: Reps and Sets

Concluding the number repetitions you do these exercises will help you lose and strength your body muscles. Challenge yourself everytime to do more.


No need to worry about the expensive gym membership and workout whenever you want to without any timing restrictions at home, in a park, at terrace or wherever you feel comfortable. Lose your stubborn belly fat with these simple exercises at your home.

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