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Chandigarh Drafts Cycling Policy – Pedal To Work, Get Fit & Earn Half-Day Leave

Chandigarh becomes the first city in India to draft a cycling policy. The policy views cycling as a major alternate mode of transport for short distances. Moreover, Chandigarh draft cycling policy is seen as a powerful tool for the government to encourage cycling in the city. The draft states, “Employees who adopt cycling will get special incentives like half-a-day earned leave credited for every seven days cycled, or half-a-day casual leave granted every week”.

Besides, the city desperately needs to control the number of vehicles out of compulsion. This will be a step to discourage people from using personal vehicles. It feels great to have this cost-effective and efficient mode of transport for contributing towards sustainable urban travel.

Chandigarh Draft Cycling Policy- A Powerful Step For A Safer & Better Living

The policy has been drafted by the Chandigarh Smart City Limited. Soon, you will be entitled to half-day leave every week if you pedal to work for seven days. Additionally, private sector employees may earn incentives for a particular distance travelled by cycle to the workplace.

cycling policy drafted by Chandigarh administration

Half a day’s earned leave is credited for every seven days, or half a day’s casual leave is granted every week, a certificate of appreciation, a reward for using a bicycle, some incentives are mentioned. In short, under the policy, there will be monetary incentives it offers to those who cycle to work and the connectivity in Chandigarh.

Impact of Chandigarh Draft Cycling Policy

Needless to day, cycling as an activity has immense effects when it comes to health and the overall improvement of the city you are living in. Some of the outcomes are:

  • Firstly, it feels great to have a cost-effective mode of transport. Plus, it will help to have smooth transport with less cost. How? It needs very little money to both purchase and maintenance cycles.
  • It is an energy-efficient mode of transport.
  • Also, we all are aware big vehicle requires huge paths to travel and they demand a considerable space for parking.
cycling policy drafted by Chandigarh administration
  • Since the bicycle does not pollute or create noise and it has potential to be an alternative to cars for short distance travel in urban areas.
  • Last but not the least, encouraging cycling for short distances is a simple, yet effective, approach to promote health and reduce pollution. This will create a suitable infrastructure, environment and culture.

Incentives To Encourage The Use of Cycles

The government and private working spaces have instructed to boost the usage cycle by directing their employees to join their respective offices by traveling traveling through processes. This can be possible if these individual offices declare the following incentives:

  • Employees can take a leave for a single half day. Do not worry because you will be paid for every half-day leave, But the condition is the employee has to travel by cycle for a period of every seven days
  • Casual Leave is also there for half day every single week.

These matters are also included in the draft or of the document.

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Chandigarh Draft Cycling Policy – Safety Provisions Proposed by UT Admin

The safety provisions provided by the Chandigarh administration authorities are as follows:

Infrastructure: Cycle tracks should be planned with design principles that optimize natural surveillance with strategies such as adequate street lighting.

Safety: It should be given prior importance by creating safe refuge points for women and persons with disabilities by introducing 24×7 CCTV surveillance and panic button.

First-aid kits: Provision for first-aid kits to cycle safety squad at junctions.

Traffic speed: The motor vehicle traffic volume and speed around cyclists should be reduced, especially when road users mix.

Aware of traffic rules: Conflict points at intersections and crossings need to be clearly presented.

Parking places: Parking locations should be in sight of people passing by, the light at night, easy to reach, and should convey a feeling of safety.

Surveillance: Police coordination is needed to improve surveillance at places where bicycles are frequently stolen.

List of Events to go Live

After the implementation of the policy, there will be events conducted to promote this initiative.

chandigarh draft cycling policy
  • Cycle events: Like many other cities around the world, public walk and cycle events such as Happy Streets, Raahgiri Day and Cycle-to-Work Day would be organized.
  • Virtual cycling events: Virtual cycling events can be created wherein cyclists from any part of the world can enroll, share the route and time via an app.

Perks and Benefits to Employees Under the Policy

The UT administration will declare various perks and benefits to the employees for following all the norms the policy holds.

  • Incentives: Half-day leaves credited for every seven days cycled or half-day leave granted every week.
  • Health & Wellness programmes: Cycling enthusiast employees, will have access to health and wellness programs where they will get subsidies in the annual membership.
  • Awards and recognition: Certificates, awards, and other recognitions for cycle users.

Last Words

It is for the first time that a city has drafted a cycling policy in India. This first-of-its-kind draft cycling policy has been drafted by the Chandigarh Smart City Limited. Under this, the private sector employees may earn incentives for a particular distance travelled by cycle to the workplace.

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