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8 Interesting facts you didn’t know can happen If you Switch your Coffee with Tea

Chandigarh has both Coffee and Tea avid drinkers, so this article is for both of them to know the unknown factors about Tea and Coffee. After knowing these facts you would want to cut down your Coffee intake or would surely Switch Your Coffee with Tea.

Switch your Coffee with Tea :

Coffee stains Teeth

Coffee stains your teeth well Tea will not stain your teeth as much as Coffee. Especially white or Green tea can make your teeth brighter and make your smile perfect.

Switch your Coffee with Tea

Tea Lowers your Cholesterol

Coffee contains cafestol and other compounds which increase the Cholesterol level. Tea can help improve your Cholesterol level.


You might experience Headache when you are trying to cut down your Coffee but will gradually go away as you get used to it.

Switch your Coffee with Tea

Heartburn gets better

Coffee relaxes the band of muscles present between oesophagus and stomach, It might create open space which will lead to acid reflux. Tea can make you feel better at this moment though it contains little caffeine.

Better Sleep

Tea would let you sleep better as it contains less caffeine as compared to coffee. Whereas coffee will make you feel insomniac or restless.

Switch your Coffee with Tea

Might raise your Type 2 Diabetes

Coffee helps you prevent Type 2 Diabetes You may not get the same level of Prevention from Tea.

Switch your Coffee with Tea

Avoid muscle cramps

If you drink a lot of coffee and don’t get enough magnesium it would trouble you sleeping or some muscle cramps could occur. By switching to Tea you could avoid these effects.

Lower the risk of cancer

Coffee lowers the risk only towards colon and liver cancer but Tea could lower it for more. Green Tea could help fight highly reactive molecules called free radicals that play a role in cancer development.

Switch your Coffee with Tea is highly beneficial as Tea contains less Caffeine as compared to Tea.


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