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These Changes will be made under Smart City Project in Chandigarh

After the Ministry of Urban Development released its list of smart cities. Chandigarh ranked at 4th number in the list. The city is already up with some new innovations taking few steps towards smart city project in Chandigarh. UT forms an organization “Chandigarh Smart City Project Ltd” to implement the Smart City Project. The Smart City Project Ltd has already started its work. You would have certainly experienced some changes in the city.

1. Smart Led lights

Installation of Smart Led lights on Chandigarh roads has completely changed its look from yellow lights to Smart Led white lights. Smart Led lights will be providing better visibility during the night and this especially for those who love driving at night. You must have experienced these lights are already there on the Sector 34-35 dividing road. The extending road from 35 to Madhya Marg which also be completed with these smart lights.

Features Of Smart City Project in Chandigarh:

  • Distress button on each pole.
  • Energy saving lights.
  • Light dimming feature.
  • Facility of wifi routers on each pole.


  • Reduce crime like eve-teasing, snatching, and robbery.
  • Increase visibility during night
  • Help save energy as well.

The distress button present on each button is meant for the person in trouble. By pressing the button the nearby lights will start to blink indicating that somebody is in trouble and it is also connected to the police control room. Immediate help will be provided by the nearby PCR.

2. Subway in Chandigarh

According to the administration officials, an initiative has already been taken to connect the Sector 17 Plaza to the famed Rose garden of Sector 16. This is also another stride for making Chandigarh a Smart City.

For more details visit: https://chandigarhbytes.com/tcbnews-subway-in-chandigarh-not-a-distant-dream/

3.Some more projects will soon be implemented in the city:

  • An introduction of water ATM.
  • Open air gym is on its way to make people fit.
  • Cycling path in Sector 26.
  • Separate dustbins for biodegradable and nonbiodegradable have already been installed in some Sectors for managing solid waste.


Upcoming Chandigarh will be a changed Chandigarh. Besides being a planned city it will soon become a smart city as well. These are few steps towards Smart city project for the betterment of the city and providing improved facilities to the residents.


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