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Some Amazing Health Benefits Of Medicinal Plant “Patharchatta”

Bryophyllum which is also known as Patharchatta and widely known to treat kidney problems and urinary disorders. But it has several other health benefits too. After reading all these health benefits you will surely be amazed and you will surely designate this plant as a miraculous plant. Today we will discuss some amazing benefits of Medicinal Plant “Patharchatta”.

Some Amazing Health Benefits Of Medicinal Plant "Patharchatta"

Health Benefits Of Bryophyllum pinnatum:

Treats Kidney stones:

Bryophyllum that is also known as patharchatta and as its name signifies it is famous for curing kidney stones. I the case of kidney stones, give 40-50 ml decoction of the whole plant twice a day to the patient and you can also give the decoction with 500 mg Shilajit and 2 gm of honey mixed in it. This has the power to cure bilestone easily. So have this mixture twice a day.

Useful in Urinary disorders:

This miraculous plant can also able to cure urinary disorders and to get benefits from this patient suffering from thirst and any disorder related to the urinary system.  It is a very good and effective cure. In case of urine related disorder in men, give 40-60 ml of its decoction with 2 gm honey mixed in it. Take this mixture twice a day and get the benefits.

Helpful in Boils:

If you have boils, redness, and swelling then use this medicinal plant and tie it as the poultice on the affected area after slightly warming its leaves and crush them.

For Hypertension:

If you have hypertension then aerial parts of this plant can make you free from it and for this, you have to give 5-10 drops of the extract of its aerial parts to the patient. It is beneficial in controlling blood pressure.

Curbs Leukaemia:

Leukaemia that is the cancer of blood or bone marrow can be curb with the help of  5-10 drops of the extract of its aerial part. To get Benefits patient have to take some drops twice a day.

Treat Vaginal disorders:

If you are suffering fro vaginal disorder then take a mixture of 40-60 ml decoction with 2 gm honey mixed in it. Have this twice a day.

Treats Headache:

If you are suffering from an excruciating headache then crush its leaves and apply on the forehead. This will surely give some relief because it can cure a headache.

Relief From Eye pain:

If you have any eye disorder or eye pain then extract the juice of its leaves and apply all around the eyes. It cures pain in the white part of eyes.

Heal Wounds:

To cure the wound slightly warm the leaves and then rush them and tie on the wound. It helps the wound heal faster and also eliminates the scar.

Cures Bleeding diarrhoea:

To cure diarrhoea patient have to take 3-6 gm juice of its leaves with cumin seeds and double amount of ghee mixed in it. Give this to the patient thrice a day. It controls the blood flow in diarrhoea.

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