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List Of Five Foods That You Should Avoid In Summer

This hot weather of summer is very hard to survive and we want some cold things that can reduce the impact of this weather. In summers our body generate lots of heat and this makes us irritable and we feel lack of energy. So, to get healthy we should have lots of water and fruits that can keep us hydrated. Right food can maintain your health but your wrong choice in this weather can make you ill. It tottally depends upon you that what you will avoid in summer or what you will eat.

List Of Five Foods That You Should Avoid In Summer

So, today we are going to tell you about those foods that you should avoid in this weather.

Foods That You Should Avoid

Keep your self hydrated and read below about the foods that you have to avoid.

Stay away from spice:

During summer season spicy food can harm you because all the spices can boost the rate of metabolism and increase heat in body. These spices also show bad impact on digestive system.

Avoid non-vegetarian food:

Summer is not the time to eat food that are oily and food that include meat, chicken, mutton or you also have to avoid seafood in this weather. This food can give you unhealthy feeling.

Street Food:

Eating street food is not at all healthy in the this weather because some ingredients that use in making these foods can cause gstrointestinal infections because vendors keep them for long time and they got spoiled in summer season. So avoid eating burgers with meat patties, fries, and things that include boiled potatos.

Avoid Beverages Like Tea and coffee:

These are beverages that increase heat in the body so they are definitely avoidable. These beverages can dehydrate our body and this will increase heat in our body. So only use drinks that can hydrate you.

Avoid sauces:

Avoid sauces in this weather because they can give you problems related to digestion. A cheese sauce is avoidable too. It has close to 350 calories and it leaves you feeling bloated and sluggish.

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