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Liquor ban in Chandigarh closes three Microbreweries and one shifts to Elante Mall

Chandigarh recently was at the top of the list to consume maximum liquor. After the Supreme Court orders to ban Liquor vends at all the State and National Highways, the urge to booze seems to be never ending in Chandigarh. Chandigarh closes three Microbreweries in the city after the liquor ban order at the Highways in India.

Due to the Supreme Court order, many are turning jobless and wandering about to how to earn their livelihood. The investors even held a candle march in the city to raise their voice against this decision. The biggest thrash was the microbreweries as they served fresh beer which everybody liked, being summer this was a golden chance for them to earn more during the season as people love drinking chilled fresh beer but unfortunately everything turned upside down.

Chandigarh closes three Microbreweries

The city beautiful had amazing places to booze and enjoy on Saturday evening but the Supreme Court orders have turned everything. The 3 microbreweries were on the top list of everybody’s choice to visit for a birthday party or any other occasion. The Supreme Court order is badly affecting the business of many vendors in the city as well the bars, pubs, and clubs. Earlier the clubs timings were reduced from to 2 pm to 12 pm and now no booze will be served, people now would not visit such places at all they would love having house parties or so.

Chandigarh closes three Microbreweries

  • The Great Bear

  • The Great Beer nestled at Sector 26 Madhya Marg the most happened place in the city where all the youngsters and officers come to tipple and relax. Nobody could have ever thought the millions of investment could waste just in a minute just it is at State Highway. It is one of the most renowned places in the city to serve amazing fresh beer but now it shall serve only soft drinks with gloomy faces.
  • Chandigarh closes three Microbreweries
  • Kingdom of Beer

  • Kingdom of Beer famous as KOB a recently opened microbrewery at the backside of Madhya Marg in Chandigarh. KOB has open sitting with a lush green area outside to enjoy the weather but it seems that this was it for KOB. As the Microbrewery had recently opened most the people still not tried it out and are now craving for it as KOB was a new exciting place for Chandigarhians.
  • Chandigarh closes three Microbreweries
  • The Brew Estate

  • This Microbrewery had an altogether different concept with superb interiors to surprise people utmost located at horizontal and vertical roads in Sector 26 and Sector 35 in Chandigarh. Brew Estate is the only one to still serve its dazzling beer at Elante Mall as it has been shifted to the top of Elante Mall near BluO.
  • Chandigarh closes three Microbreweries

Supreme Court orders is affecting the business and youngsters nightlife in the city as Chandigarh closes three Microbreweries and many Liquor vendors shut their outlets. Gradually every the businessmen will experience losses and shall have to shut their bars and clubs.

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