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Celebrate Baisakhi 2017 To Harvest Love, Joy, Wealth and Prosperity

Baisakhi that is also known as Vaisakhi is steeped in the history, heritage, and culture of Punjab and most important festival in  Sikhism. This is being celebrated to harvest the hard work from the previous year and it also signifies wealth, prosperity, joy and good health. It is usually celebrated on April 13 or April 14 every year and this year it is on 13 April. It is also known as the Sikhs new year and Guru Govind Singh 10th Guru of Sikhs formed Khalsa pant on this day in 1699. The celebration of Baisakhi 2017 will also be done to harvest love, joy, wealth, and prosperity as always.

Five emblems of purity and courage

On this sacred day guru Govind Singh Ji offered  5 emblems of purity and courage:

  • Kesh- the unshorn hair
  • Kangha-the wooden comb
  • Kara- the iron or steel bracelet
  • Kirpan- the sword
  • Kasahara– the underwear

How Chandigarh is celebrating Baisakhi 2017:

Mitti the khushboo food fest:

“Mitti Di Khushboo”, a 10-day Baisakhi Food Festival at JW Marriott Chandigarh is going on and it is filling the air with aromas of earthy Punjabi cuisine. You will also get stalls of bangles, Punjabi Jutti, Mehendi and Phulkari, and it will give you the joyous vibes of a traditional “Baisakhi Mela”.

Elante carnival:

Elante is going to celebrate Baisakhi and you will get spectacular entertainment there because of the exciting events such as display of Gatka by Virasat-e-Khalsa Amritsar Group, bhangra and gidda performances, Sufi rock band Alaap. It would be unlimited fun there.

Celebrations by Farmers:

Farmers celebrate this festival as a thanksgiving day. After getting ready they go to gurudwara to express their gratitude towards God for their harvest and also ask prosperity health and wealth for future. Fairs are also organized to celebrate this sacred day. Main attraction in Baisakhi fair is the bhangra, gidda, wrestling bouts. Farmers celebrate Baisakhi to harvest love, joy, wealth, and prosperity.

Celebrations by Sikhs:

Sikhs celebrate this festival with great joy and devotion. In the early morning, everyone takes bath, wear new clothes and go to the nearby gurudwara to participate in the prayers. After prayers, they relish the kada Prashad and langar in the gurudwara.

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