HomeACTIVITIESDiesel buses to be replaced by 100 new Electric Buses in Chandigarh

Diesel buses to be replaced by 100 new Electric Buses in Chandigarh

HomeACTIVITIESDiesel buses to be replaced by 100 new Electric Buses in Chandigarh

Diesel buses to be replaced by 100 new Electric Buses in Chandigarh

Tired of travelling in congested over-loaded buses with dirt and pollution all around? Not anymore! With the view to make transportation cleaner and greener, Administration and Transport Department is adding 100 new Electric Buses in Chandigarh. These e-buses will be replacing the old diesel buses with aim of reducing carbon emission in the air. Not only this, the size of these buses is bigger than the current ones, making the crowd management easy. It is an excellent initiative taken by UT Govt. to promote eco-friendly and public-friendly environment.

Electric Buses in Chandigarh

Insights about new Electric Buses in Chandigarh

UT Transport Department has planned to replace diesel buses with 100 new Electric Buses on Tricity routes. The decision was taken after the first meeting of State-Level Steering Committee (SLSC). During the meeting it was apprised that the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) has allocated 100 buses to Chandigarh under the centrally sponsored PM E-Bus Sewa Scheme. Accordingly, it was decided to replace 100 diesel buses with Electric Buses in Chandigarh.

The committee was informed that CEPT University has submitted a revised bus and service plan for the city, along with a procurement strategy for 2022 to 2031. The committee notified that phase-wise procurement plan was made keeping in view the replacement of buses, increase in ridership and strengthening of fleet for city bus services.

The committee gave its nod to strengthen the unit of city bus operations with the addition of 70 more buses on the Tricity routes under the PM E-Bus Sewa Scheme. These buses will be covering the routes of Mohali and Panchkula as well.

Electric Bus in Chd

Perks of new Electric Buses in Chandigarh

  • The new electric buses will be 12 metres long, as compared to current ones which are 9 metres long.
  • More people can accommodate here, creating less hassle and avoiding overcrowding.
  • The bus will have special feature that will make the passengers get on and off easily, especially the ones with disabilities and old-age passengers.
  • The electric buses will reduce pollution and make travel cleaner and environment friendly.
  • As per the transport department, electric buses run around 76.22 lakh kilometres in a year, and the UT is expecting a direct annual financial benefit of Rs 18 crores.
  • As per this project, the Chandigarh administration only provides conductors and the expenses of the driver, while the maintenance cost of the bus is completely on the company providing electric buses.
  • The shift from diesel to electric buses will make the authority save around Rs 19 crores annually on fuel.
  • Since the routes are busy, the electric buses will be plied accordingly to provide better transport facilities to the passengers.

Presently UT Administration has 80 E-buses and all are running for Chandigarh only. Additional buses will be bought for Mohali, Panchkula, and other connected routes as well to avoid over loading.

By 2027-28, the UT Administration is planning to replace all old diesel buses with electric ones. It will be a step forward for providing better services and environment caring.

Wrapping Thoughts
Today, where the increase in pollution has become a global concern, it is important to start following eco-friendly practices and sustainable development. Each small step towards the environment will help to build a healthier and better tomorrow. The addition of 100 Electric Buses in Chandigarh, is a positive step towards a cleaner and greener future of the city. These buses will enhance sustainability, accessibility, and cost-efficiency. Also, the zero emission of pollutants will help making the air cleaner and safer to breathe.

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