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The Airport Authorities decides to shut Chandigarh International Airport for complete three days

The Chandigarh International Airport shall take three days off for repairment of the Airport facilities. The Airport will be closed for 1 Day in March and two in April that means that no aeroplanes will take off or land on these days. This decision has been taken for the further smooth running of the Airport.

Chandigarh International Airport

Closing Dates

Day 1: 19th March 2017

Day 2: 2nd April 2017

Day3: 16th April 2017

Reason for Closing the Chandigarh International Airport

Prior to this also the Airport Authorities used to shut on first and third Sundays of every month after 1 pm for any take offs or landings in order to improvise the Airport and Airport Facilities. Now, the authorities have decided to close it for 3 days for better functioning of the Airport.


  • Chandigarh International Airport will remain closed on 19th March, 2nd April and 16th April 2017.
  • All the flights will be cancelled on these days
  • Instrument Landing System (ILS) will be utilised on the runway to ensure the smooth take-off and landing on the Airport.
  • It shall also decrease the probability of delaying of the flight in Chandigarh Airport during foggy days.

The Airport Authorities are gearing towards upgrading CATII to CATIII instrument landing system at Chandigarh International Airport. After the successful up gradation, some new International may also be launched connecting City beautiful to other countries. The new system will prevent the delay in flights in bad weather conditions.

The City Beautiful is implementing every single technique to make a Smart City and provide better facilities to public and become a great city altogether in every aspect.

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