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Distressing Moment for the Vendors in Chandigarh mainly at Sector 17 from 1st April

Sector 17 the heart of the city is set to eliminate all the roadside Vendors in Chandigarh from the Shopping Plaza from 1st April 2017. The Municipal Corporation has asserted that there shall be no vendors from next month in Sector 17. No vendors shall be allowed to sell their stuff from 1st April 2017.

Vendors in Chandigarh
Street Vendors at Sector 22 Chandigarh

Permitted Vendors in Chandigarh

Approximately 200 vendors run their stalls in Sector 17, only the mobile vendors, vendors sitting in front of the government offices or vendors at vacant spaces shall be allowed to operate their work. The cobblers sitting in front of the Neelam Cinema are allowed to utilise that space from their work. By March end all the vendors shall be issued temporary licenses for street vending at Sector 17, 35, 19, 22. The licenses to vendors for operating will be issued under The Street Vendors Act, 2014.

Vendors in Chandigarh
Vendors at Sector 17 Chandigarh

Cost to the Vendors

The Municipal Corporation has divided the vendors into two categories i.e. Service Providers and Non-Service Providers. Service Providers are the ones which are supplying some essential assistance such as tea stalls, barbers, Cycle repair and Non-Service Providers are those satisfying the desires of people or the non-essential materialistic things like fashion jewellery, toys.

Monthly Fee Charge

  1. Service Providers- Rs1500
  2. Non-Service Providers- Rs 2000

The Vendors in Chandigarh shall not be allowed to set off their vending stall from parking lots as well. Temporary licenses shall be issued by the end of the month. Temporary licenses will be issued till the Municipal Corporation’s town vending committee does not get a final approval of the proposal from the UT Chief Architect.


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