HomeTCB#TCB: Mistakes in Raees you probably missed!

#TCB: Mistakes in Raees you probably missed!

HomeTCB#TCB: Mistakes in Raees you probably missed!

#TCB: Mistakes in Raees you probably missed!

So, I hope you are enjoying your extended weekend. Like many, you must have also enjoyed a movie. After all, it was a Clash of the Titans- Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil and Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees.

Everybody has their opinions for both the movies. If you are someone who has watched Raees, chances are you probably missed these mistakes in the movie. Surprised? If you think it was a flawless movie, well, hate to break it to you, but that is not true.

So here are some mistakes from the movie listed out for you (WARNING- Spoilers ahead!)-

1. SRK and Mahirah’s child

Remember in the movie, before the interval Mahirah tells SRK about her pregnancy? Well, not exactly tells him but more like a melodramatic “apko koi abba bulaye toh?” dialogue. And after the interval, one year later, their child is born? Wait. What?! That is not what my Eighth standard biology textbook taught me.

2. The “RDX”

After the bomb blasts take place, SRK’s aide tells him that the gold with which it was smuggled carried a new kind of RDX called RDX. WHAAAT? An RDX called RDX? Really? Wasn’t RDX a chemical element’s name? Seems like the whole team of Raees flunked Science together.

3. Musa’s killing or any other action scene for that matter

This problem is not with Raees but probably every Bollywood movie ever. How is it that all your sharp shooters miss their marks while shooting the hero? And on the other hand, the hero can probably get India an Olympic gold in shooting? Whatever happened to the laws of probability? Law of averages? Scientists and mathematicians died for your sins!!

4. The encounter of Raees aka SRK

This is probably the dumbest part of the movie which is sadly also its end. So Nawazuddin Siddique wants to carry out a fake encounter of Raees. He has lost faith in the system and so far and so on. But why did you shoot him in his heart straight away?! Aren’t policemen first meant to shoot on their legs to immobilise the accused on the run? And take them to the hospital and get them to the jail? But no, he just shoots him like 4-5 times on all critical body parts! Dude, you will land in jail instead of Raees!!! So much for being an IPS officer. Meh


Well, that is it I guess. My disappointment with Raees right there- a conceptually good film ruined by poor scripting and execution.


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