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Sigh Of Relief: 37 City’s Community Centers Are Allowed To Serve Liquor

To avoid any type distraction or attraction Supreme Court ordered to ban alcohol shops within the 500 m of national and state highways. This caused hassle among the liquor vendors. Three year ago excise department banned the Liquor in the city’s community centers because MC were not paying Rs. 35000 but now they can have sigh of relief because 37 community centers are allowed to serve liquor. This is the good news for all booze lovers that now they are allowed to have drinks at community centers.Sigh Of Relief: 37 City’s Community Centers Allowed Serving Liquor

In 2016 Supreme Court ordered again to ban liquor shops and to remove signboards of alcohol vends along highways. It was done to express the serious concern about the fatalities occurs every year in accidents and most of them is because of drink driving. Alcohol cause confusion and also impairs with ability to drive, this leads to accident.

Rules that residents have to follow

Now UT excise and taxation has allowed community centers to serve liquor during functions. Of among 40 city’s community centers 37 can now serve liquor but only three centers which are located in sector 19, 27, and 28 are unable to serve liquor because they are within 500 m of state and national highways.Residents have to follow some rules and they have to pay Rs 2000 per function to acquire the license to serve liquor in functions. They have to pay Rs. 2000 directly to the excise department.

In addition to issuing licenses, they department exempted city’s community centers from paying Rs 35000 as annual liquor license fee. This will generate extra income to department. Committee formed to provide better facilities at the city’s community centers has taken the credit of this decision.

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