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Shrikhand Trek: Chandigarh Youth Is Missing| No Clues

Abhishek Kharbanda of Chandigarh has gone missing when he went to Shrikhand trek. He was with his three friends on the trek. When he was coming back from 17,150 ft high Shrikhand Mahadev, he was tired so near Bhim Dwar he asked his friends to carry on and he will join them at the camp. But he did not come back. His friends were waiting for him and at last, they informed the officers that he is missing.

Shrikhand Trek: Chandigarh Youth Is Missing| No Clues


Till now there is no information about Abhishek Kharbanda as he was missing from July 4. According to the Police, they and local search teams are working together to search Abhishek. But till now no clue they have found about him. Nowadays weather conditions are not good and according to state government they are also helping in search of him with a helicopter but these weather conditions are not allowing the helicopter to operate properly. They also added that the government chopper, which had reached Mandi on Sunday, could not land in Kullu due to poor visibility.

The ground teams are searching for him since July 6. Deputy superintendent of police (DSP) Anni Baldev Thakur said the Abhishek went missing on July 4 and he said the search operation is on. He further added that there is a proper check post, yet people manage to evade checking and embark on the yatra without proper registration.

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