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SAS Nagar : MC Is Going To Introduce Automatic Traffic Light Synchronization System

Now SAS Nagar municipal corporation (MC) is going to introduce automatic traffic light synchronization system.  They are going to take this step to help commuters and this plan will save commuters time while moving from one traffic light to another on the busy stretch.

What is traffic signal synchronization:

This engineering technique will help in a better flow of traffic and enable the maximum number of vehicles to pass through by reducing stops and motorist will experience fewer delays while driving. This technique matches the green light times for series of interactions and then maximum numbers of vehicles can pass at the same time. This system also helps to minimize the gas consumption and pollutant emissions.

How it will work in Mohali:

  • The synchronization system sensors will help to check the volume of traffic at any given time and these lights will help to maintain traffic. If there is less traffic on one side, the timing of green light will be less. These sensors will be laid after every 1.5 kilometers.
  • When all lights get synchronized, a vehicle moving at an average speed of 60 kilometers per hour will find all green lights in number, from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Mohali, Sector 81, till the Industrial Area, Phase 7, on the stretch.
  • This system is the first-of-its-kind initiative taken by Punjab government to control the accident related fatalities in the area that are very much prone to the accident.

The cost of this project:

This initiative is taken by the Punjab government to save commuters time in Mohali. The total amount that is going to spend in this project is 1.34 crore and this project got approval from administration last week only. Execution of this project will be started within next 6 months.

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