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PGI Is Ready To Get Its First Organ Transplant Centre In Chandigarh

The PGI, Chandigarh, will get India’s first National Transplant Centre (NTC) soon and this center will give the country its firsts, including transport of organs across the country, full face and penile transplant. PGI is doing multi-organ transplant every year without separate OTs and ICUs that encouraged the need of separate organ transplant hospital. Proposal of 1000 Crore NTC for the organ transplant is already prepared and according to the proposal, Organ Transplant Centre in Chandigarh will be constructed at Sarangpur near the PGI on the allotted 50 acres of land.

Facilities to be provided by the Organ Transplant Hospital:

  •         Organ Transplant Center in Chandigarh will have seven stories and there will be two- storey underground parking.
  •         Different floors will be dedicated to a particular organ transplant like kidney, pancreas, lungs, heart and bone marrow.
  •         It will also provide air ambulance and road transport of organs.

Why there is a need of NTC:

PGI started its first organ transplant 57 years ago and after doing heart, kidney, liver and pancreas transplant, it is planning to do a Lung transplant. There is no separate OTs for the organ transplant in PGI and it is using emergency operation theaters for the same. As a result of this, doctors have to delay some emergency surgeries. This is the reason why PGI officials want to construct a separate hospital for an organ transplant that is to be called National Transplant Centre.  PGI officials said that after the transplant, patients require critical care and with the separate hospital, they can provide them different OTs and ICUs.

Organ Transplant Center in Chandigarh will also provide stem cell, cellular, and hepatocyte transplant and everything will be done under the supervision of specialized staff and it includes director, eight transplant surgeons with their own teams of experts, transplant co-ordinators, OT nurses, post-operation care nurses and housekeeping staff.






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