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PGI Chandigarh Going To Get 100 More CCTV Cameras Outdoor

Postgraduate institute of medical, PGI in Chandigarh is the huge campus and because of this, it required a large number of CCTV cameras to improve the security of the campus. This time PGI is going to install 100 new CCTV cameras outdoor to check the road, parking and other sensitive areas of the campus. Control rooms for new cameras would be located at different-different locations to maintain the connectivity of camera to the other control rooms of that area. Three places are decided for the control rooms. PGI has started the tender process to buying and installing the camera. At present, PGI has 465 CCTV cameras and 370 cameras are installed indoor and now 100 new CCTV cameras are going to install outdoor.

PGI Chandigarh Going To Get 100 More CCTV Cameras Outdoor

Reasons to install camera outdoor

This move has taken to check on the footfalls that are increasing day by day in the PGI. This is impossible for the security person to keep eye on each and every incident and person. Vehicle theft is the bigger problem according to security officials of PGI. Now, most of the camera would be installed in the exit places of vehicles to check the activities.

PGI security chief officer PC Sharma said that these cameras will help patients, security staff and also help to control the traffic. In campus, approximately 11000 vehicles come daily and due to this there is the traffic problem but with the help of cameras, the control room will get to know that which area has more traffic and then security staff can go there to control traffic.

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