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To Make The Punjab University Vehicle Free Chandigarh Plans ‘Cycle-Dock Stations’ to the Campus

Punjab University, Chandigarh is going to make University noise free and for this, they will not allow any outside vehicle to enter the campus. They are also going to introduce Cycle-Dock Stations on the campus. This decision is taken with the collective feedback of students and blueprints are also ready for decongestion of the Sector-14 campus.


In 2015, PU student elections, a majority of students had voted for not allowing students’ four-wheelers in academic zones in Sector-14 and Sector-25 campuses. This sounds good that authorities are coming with innovative ideas to make campus clean and noise free.

Traffic Management Would Be Done Properly:

To manage traffic properly and to make university noise free they came up with some ideas and that would be implemented soon.

  • Outsiders will have to park their vehicles at gate number 1,2, and 3 and e-rickshaws (paid) or buses will also be available there.
  • For academic block entry would be through gate 1and who want to visit market, bank and health centres they have to go through gate 2. For residential area gate, 3 will be available.
  • At gate 1 the parking capacity is 200 vehicles.
  • Three entries have been proposed for academic zone i) Near Gandhi Bhawan ii) Near V-C office iii) Administrative block  iv) From Ankur School’s side

‘Cycle-Dock Stations’ at PU

This facility will be available for everyone and you do not have to pay for this service. It is totally free. Anyone can pick cycle from the sites and after using these cycles they have to place them at any nearest Cycle-Dock Stations.

  • PU is going to introduce ‘Cycle-Dock Stations’ in the Sector 14 campus for the future public transport.
  • In PU there will be 15 sites on the campus with 10 cycles each
  • XEN-1 will be carried out all the Feasibility study for implementation of the plan.
  • This facility for all the campus students will be free.
  • Any Student can pick it anytime and after using it they have to park it nearest ‘Cycle-Dock Stations’
  • The cycle would be coloured in a different way that no student would be able to take this outside the campus.
  • 10 regions are decided to make them ‘Cycle-Dock Stations’.
  • PU have taken the lessons from Punjabi University Patiala to manage the traffic on campus.
  • Various checkpoints and barriers to be installed on the campus.

The executive engineer will get the parking area marked with a white line. Parking will be allowed only on one side of the roads through the varsity. As of now, people on campus are parking on both sides of the roads. This is the great move and this will help to avoid noise pollution and also traffic will be managed properly.

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