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Mohali Girls Start Campaign For Sanitary Napkins & Help Slum

Two girls from Mohali going to launch the 15-day campaign from 1 June to 15 June to help slum area women get easy access to sanitary napkins. These girls will generate money and also aware the people about this issue. In slum areas, women don’t use sanitary napkins during their menstrual cycle because they are not able to buy this and this is the reason they use unsanitary methods like they use a piece of cloth.

Mohali Girls Start Campaign For Sanitary Napkins & Help Slum

This method is unhygienic and they can have a urogenital infection and bacterial vaginosis due to unsanitary methods. These two girls have taken a step to help them by generating funds and also they will give awareness about the issue to them.

How They Are Raising Funds:

Girls from Mohali named Vani Jindal and Srishti Millicent (both 23) have taken a good step to help slum women and till now they have collected around Rs. 16000 for them. To generate more money they using the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat. In this Jindal and Millicent are asking for a minimum contribution of Rs.33 and people who want to pay, they can deposit this amount to their PayTm account. If you do not want to give money then there is the other way also and in this people are also free to donate napkins after getting address details by making a call. For queries, a mail address has also been made available. According to the girls, they got this idea to help these ladies when they visited the nearby slum area in Mohali, they met with ladies and came to know that they are battling the issue of access to sanitary napkins.

Things That Need Some Changes

Even today, there are communities who believe menstruation is a curse to girls and a health problem. People has a lack of knowledge and they see menstrual cycle with confusion, disgrace and humiliation. But this should be changed and openly discussed for the sake of economic and environmental sustainability and health. Society is changing but the rural area is still behind.

  • There are many people who stared women when they go to buy a sanitary napkin at the marketplace. This should be changed and this issue is to discuss openly because it is a natural process.
  • There should be few disposal bins in the slum area to dispose of sanitary napkins.
  • Schools should also be provided with proper toilets and also there should be the availability of water that will increase hygiene.

These two girls Vani and Srishti came forward and taken the step and they will also give awareness to illiterate women belonging to the rural areas since only 12  percent of menstruating women in India use sanitary napkins which account for 70 percent of vaginal infections, according to a recent survey report. According to these girls, they will also be going to ask help from Municipal Corporation and for this, they have written a letter to them.


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