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List of Flights from Chandigarh

As you are here to know about the list of flights from Chandigarh we will not disappoint you. We figure out all flights for you and presented here at the single page so you don’t have to research and waste your time. Before knowing about the list of flights from Chandigarh know some quick facts about Chandigarh Airport. If you are in hurry then you can skip the part and jump to the table directly.

About Chandigarh Airport

Chandigarh Airport is situated in Union Territory of Chandigarh. It is just 9 KM away from the heart of the city. As the city is beautifully designed and constructed, Chandigarh Airport will give you the same feeling as it has integrated with the world-class terminal building. The internal structure of the airport is designed in a manner that is not just to provide the world class beauty but amenities to passengers also. Airlines such as Jet Airways, Spice Jet, GoAir, Air India etc. operated from here on a regular interval.

Chandigarh Airport Terminals

Terminal 1 is majorly used for the domestic flights. Throughout the day ample of domestic flights run down from here.  It offers a wide range of facilities to the passengers and maintained by the Airport Authority. Very soon it will be open for international operations.

List of Flights from Chandigarh

Facilities at Chandigarh Airport

Baggage Services: Chandigarh Airport offers a number of modern and advanced facilities to the passengers. One of such great facility is baggage service. Special attention is given to physically disabled people and senior citizens.

Places to Eat and Shop: To shop for something or feed your hunger you don’t have to wait for something as within the airport premises you will find various shops. Notable and famous bakery, restaurants, cafes etc. will be found at Chandigarh Airport. Be ready to enjoy a variety of eatables and drinks at a reasonable cost. Apart from that, there are magazines, jewelry, stationary etc. shops situated where you can buy necessary items.

Duty-Free Shopping: If you want to make duty free shopping then Chandigarh Airport will give you this facility. Within the premises, you will find various duty free shops that let you purchase various products at a reasonable price.


Bus: Chandigarh Bus stand is just 19 KM away from the Chandigarh Airport. You have various transportation options to reach to Chandigarh Bus stand.

Train: If you want to complete your journey further with train then Chandigarh Railway station is just 13 KM away from the airport. You can reach there without taking any worries about transportation as you will have various transportation options.


Flight Carrier Destination Departure
CD 832 Alliance Air (DEL) Delhi 7:25 AM
AI 9832 ^ Air India (DEL) Delhi 7:25 AM
9W 648 Jet Airways (India) (DEL) Delhi 7:40 AM
6E 455 IndiGo (DEL) Delhi 7:55 AM
6E 372 IndiGo (SXR) Srinagar 8:00 AM
SG 2834 SpiceJet (DEL) Delhi 8:20 AM
CD 808 Alliance Air (KUU) Kulu 9:40 AM
AI 9808 ^ Air India (KUU) Kulu 9:40 AM
9W 197 Jet Airways (India) (DEL) Delhi 9:50 AM
AI 458 Air India (IXL) Leh 10:15 AM
6E 491 IndiGo (BLR) Bengaluru 10:45 AM
9W 626 Jet Airways (India) (DEL) Delhi 11:00 AM
6E 376 IndiGo (CCU) Kolkata 11:15 AM
G8 382 GoAir (BOM) Mumbai 11:30 AM
9W 430 Jet Airways (India) (BOM) Mumbai 12:00 PM
6E 842 IndiGo (DEL) Delhi 12:05 PM
6E 264 IndiGo (BOM) Mumbai 12:15 PM
G8 911 GoAir (SXR) Srinagar 12:45 PM
I5* 1825 AirAsia India (BLR) Bengaluru 12:50 PM
AI 464 Air India (DEL) Delhi 12:50 PM
9W 863 Jet Airways (India) (JAI) Jaipur 2:05 PM
6E 274 IndiGo (HYD) Hyderabad 2:15 PM
IX 187 Air India Express (SHJ) Sharjah 2:20 PM
9W 652 Jet Airways (India) (DEL) Delhi 2:25 PM
KL 3713 ^ KLM (DEL) Delhi 2:25 PM
6E 463 IndiGo (BOM) Mumbai 2:35 PM
9W 439 Jet Airways (India) (PNQ) Pune 2:40 PM
9W 3523 Jet Airways (India) (LKO) Lucknow 2:45 PM
SG 142 SpiceJet (SXR) Srinagar 2:55 PM
9W 642 Jet Airways (India) (BOM) Mumbai 3:10 PM
KL 3661 ^ KLM (BOM) Mumbai 3:10 PM
6E 593 IndiGo (BLR) Bengaluru 3:20 PM
UK* 879 Vistara (DEL) Delhi 3:25 PM
6E 55 IndiGo (DXB) Dubai 3:55 PM
G8 913 GoAir (AMD) Ahmedabad 3:55 PM
9W 664 Jet Airways (India) (DEL) Delhi 4:05 PM
9W 646 Jet Airways (India) (DEL) Delhi 4:55 PM

List of Flights from Chandigarh


Flight Carrier Origin Arrival
CD 831 Alliance Air (DEL) Delhi 6:55 AM
AI 9831 ^ Air India (DEL) Delhi 6:55 AM
9W 641 Jet Airways (India) (DEL) Delhi 7:10 AM
KL 3683 ^ KLM (DEL) Delhi 7:10 AM
6E 545 IndiGo (DEL) Delhi 7:25 AM
6E 372 IndiGo (CCU) Kolkata 7:30 AM
SG 2831 SpiceJet (DEL) Delhi 8:00 AM
CD 807 Alliance Air (KUU) Kulu 9:15 AM
AI 9807 ^ Air India (KUU) Kulu 9:15 AM
9W 665 Jet Airways (India) (DEL) Delhi 9:25 AM
AI 457 Air India (IXL) Leh 9:35 AM
6E 3512 IndiGo (BLR) Bengaluru 10:15 AM
6E 74 IndiGo (DXB) Dubai 10:25 AM
9W 651 Jet Airways (India) (DEL) Delhi 10:35 AM
6E 376 IndiGo (SXR) Srinagar 10:45 AM
G8 381 GoAir (BOM) Mumbai 11:00 AM
9W 459 Jet Airways (India) (BOM) Mumbai 11:30 AM
KL 3660 ^ KLM (BOM) Mumbai 11:30 AM
6E 495 IndiGo (BOM) Mumbai 11:45 AM
AI 463 Air India (DEL) Delhi 12:10 PM
G8 911 GoAir (AMD) Ahmedabad 12:15 PM
I5* 1826 AirAsia India (BLR) Bengaluru 12:25 PM
IX 188 Air India Express (SHJ) Sharjah 1:20 PM
9W 440 Jet Airways (India) (PNQ) Pune 1:30 PM
9W 885 Jet Airways (India) (JAI) Jaipur 1:35 PM
6E 269 IndiGo (HYD) Hyderabad 1:40 PM
9W 645 Jet Airways (India) (DEL) Delhi 2:00 PM
6E 734 IndiGo (BOM) Mumbai 2:05 PM
9W 735 Jet Airways (India) (DEL) Delhi 2:15 PM
SG 141 SpiceJet (SXR) Srinagar 2:25 PM
9W 471 Jet Airways (India) (BOM) Mumbai 2:40 PM
6E 937 IndiGo (DEL) Delhi 2:45 PM
UK* 830 Vistara (DEL) Delhi 2:50 PM
6E 592 IndiGo (BLR) Bengaluru 2:50 PM
G8 913 GoAir (SXR) Srinagar 3:25 PM
9W 3524 Jet Airways (India) (LKO) Lucknow 3:40 PM
9W 639 Jet Airways (India) (DEL) Delhi 4:30 PM

This is all the information we know about the list of flights from Chandigarh. Know that flights and time are subject to change to don’t rely completely on the list of flights from Chandigarh. We try hard to give you the latest information still if you think any information is old then let us know in the below comment section.

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