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Know Your City: Ward Wise Councillor & Area List of Chandigarh – 2021

HomePoliticsKnow Your City: Ward Wise Councillor & Area List of Chandigarh -...

Know Your City: Ward Wise Councillor & Area List of Chandigarh – 2021

Almost every citizen of Chandigarh takes pride in his city beautiful. They jump up to the skies when they start talking about it. The City’s well-designed plan and architecture by the Famous Le Corbusier; the green parks; the majestic Sukhna lake are just a few sights of many. We indeed love our city, and Sometimes our blood boils when we see its beauty being compromised. Most of us aren’t even familiar with our Ward Wise Councillor & Area List

Every individual becomes a local guide when it comes to suggesting flea markets like Shastri or giving directions to the Chinese market. But what if one asks where to go, And who to refer to when the matter at hand concerns the development of the city. Are we really familiar with Area wise authorities in charge?

Beautiful Round abouts in Chandigarh

Chandigarh – The city beautiful, the clean & the green city. The city which once ranked in the Top 3 cleanest city, and in Top 5 in the ease of living Index once has now barely made in the top 30 by crawling like a wounded Tigeress.

Tell me, How well do your know your city beautiful? The current young generation does talk about political issues and raise questions on social media because they care. What they really should be doing is knocking on the doors of their Ward councilors and asking them where did the development budget go?

Chandigarh Area Wise City Map

The problem lies that in our busy hectic life, we honestly don’t know which door to knock. For that matter, Here is a Ward Wise Area List & Councillor List of Chandigarh – 2021. So, Next time you must reach out to the right person for answers!

The City Beautiful - Chandigarh

Ward Wise Area List & Councillor List of Chandigarh – 2021

Elected Councillors (Old Wards 1 to 26)

Ward No.Ward AreaNameAddressPhone
1Kaimbwala, Khuda Alisher, Lahora, Khuda Jasgu, And Khuda
Lahora Colony
Sh. Maheshinder Singh SidhuH.o. 1067, Sector 8-C Chd9872434444
2Sector 1, Sector 2, Sector 3, Sector 4, Sector 5, Sector 6,
Sector 7, Sector 8, Sector 9 And Sector 10
Smt. Raj Bala MalikH. No. 112, Sector 10 A Chandigarh98157-58950
3Sector 26, Sector- 26 E, Ews Colony, Bapu Dham Colony, Phase
I, Ii, Iii (Sector 26), Police Line (Sector-26) And Madrasi Colony
Sh. Ravi Kant SharmaH.No. 1133, Top Floor, Sector 37-B,Chd9815186048
4Manimajra Part: Basti Kishangarh, Basti Bhagwanpura, Pipli Wala
Town, Housing Board Duplex Manimajra And I,T Park
Smt. Asha Kumari JaswalH.No. 110, Sector 21-A, chd9915758949
5Old Manimajra (/’Jac), Shanti Nagar, Mari Wala Town, Thakur
Dwara And Govindpura Manimajra
Smt. Sunita DhawanH.No. 1321, Sector 37-B, Chd8054907716
6Railway Colony Shivalik Enclave Mauli Jagran Part 1,
Shivalik Enclave, Dhillon Complex & Motor Market Manimajra, Darshni Bagh, Subhash Nagar And Indira Colony
Smt. FarmilaH.No. 5439, Maloya Colony,Chd7837227727
7Ambedkar Colony Mauli Jagran, Charan Singh Colony Mauli
Jagran And Small Flats Mauli Jagran
Sh. Rajesh KumarH.No. 2039, Dadumajra Colony,Chd9878522215
8Vikas Nagar Mauli Jagran, Mauli Jagran, Raipur Kalan & Makhan
Majra And Raipur Khurd.
Sh. Arun SoodH.No. 1185, Sector 37-B, Chd9915758954
9Ind. Area Phase-I, Sanjay Colony Ind. Area Phase-I, Kabari
Colony Ind. Area Phase-I, Colony No. 4 Ind, Area Phase-I And
Dari A
Smt Gurbax RawatH.No. 2777, Sector 40-C, Chd99157-58955
10Sector 27, Sector 28 And Sector 29Sh.Hardeep SinghH.No.111,Village Buterla Sector 41 Chd.9915711427
11Sector 18, Sector 19 And Sector 21Sh. Satish KumarH.No. 1780, Deep Complex, Hallomajra, Chd.9915758963
12Sector 15, Sector 16, Sector 17 And Sector 24Smt. Sheela DeviH.No. 5238, Sector 38(W) Chandigarh9872511215
13Sector 11, Sector 12, Sector 14 And Sector 23, Uiet, Dental
Smt. Chanderwati ShuklaH.No. 3135/1, Sec 45-D ,Chd9316040274
14Dhanas, L.I.G. Colony Dhanas, Milkman Colony, Aman Chaman
Ambedkar Colony
Sh. Kanwarjeet SinghH.No. 953, Sec 45-B, Chd9915335446
15Sarangpur And Rehabilitation Colony DhanasSmt. Ravinder KaurH.No. 1230, Sector 34-C, Chd9888197555
16Sector-25 Bhaskar Colony, Sector 25 And Sector-25(West)Sh. Rajesh Kumar GuptaH.No. 388, Sector 30-A. Chd9872511211
17Sector 22 And Sector 23Sh. Devinder Singh BablaH.No. 41, Sec 27-A, Chd.9815608877
18Sector 20 And Sector 30Sh. Dalip SharmaH.No. 360, Bapu Dham Colony, Phase-1,Sec 26, Chd9888490360
19Ind. Area Phase-Ii, Ramdarbar (Entire) And TatarpurSh. Shakti Prakash DevshaliSCF. 52, First Floor, Sector-29-D Chd.9779173536
20Spl. Charge Hallo Majra Behlana, Hallo Majra And BehlanaSmt. Heera NegiH.No. 1593, Sec 7- C, Chd9915758964
21Sector 47,Bair- Majra, Faidan Burail And Chahar Taraf BurailSh. Davesh Moudgil#2035/1 Sector 21 C9915758965
22Sector 31, Sector 32 And Sector 33Sh. Gurpreet SinghH.No. 3589, Sector-46-C, Chd.9872563311
23Sector 34, Sector 35 And Sector 43Sh. Bharat KumarH.No 798, Phase-1, Chandigarh.9988178548
24Sector 36, Sector 42, Sector 53 Nehru Colony, Sector-53&54 I
(Furniture Market), Sector 54 (Adarsh Colony) And Sector 42
Sh. Anil Kumar DubeyH.No. 2703, Vikas Nagar Mauli Jagran ,Chandigarh9872511187
25Sector 37 And Sector 38Sh. Jagtar SinghH.No. 1119/2, Gobindpura , Manimajra, Chandigarh9814098887
26Sector 38(West), Dadu Majra Colony, Vill. Dadu Majra And Shah Pur Colony & VillageSh. Vinod AggarwalSCF .64, Grain Market,Sec-26 Chandigarh.9417204433
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Nominated Councillor (New Wards 27-35)

Ward No.Ward AreaNameAddressPhone
27Sector 39 And Sector 40Sh. Charanjiv SinghH.No. 14, Sec 21A, Chandigarh.9815882100
28Village Maloya, E.W.S. Maloya, Sector 39 West, Gursagar Bhattal Colony, Maloya: Gwala & Kumhar Colony, Sukha/Rana
& Bansal Farm And Ews Maloya
Sh. Ajay DuttaH.No. 726, Sec 40A, Chandigarh.9417016915
29Sector 55 (Housing Boar D), Sector 56 (Bapu Dham Colony)
Sector 56 (Ambedkar Colony), Sector 56 (Sweeper Colony), Sector 56 (Lbs Colony) And Sector 55 (Pal Sora)
Sh. Sachin Kumar LohtiyaH.No. 273,Sector 46-A , Chd.9317724882
30Sector 41, Sector 41 (Buterla) And Sector 41 (Badheri Village)Sh. Haji Mohd. Khurshid AliH.No. 1229, Phase-II, Ram Darbar,Chd.9815340569
31Kajheri Colony, Sector 52, Sector 52 (Ews Lig,Colony),Sector 61, Village Kajheri, Sector 52 (House For Elect Dept. U.T.), Sector 52 (Transit Camp), Sector 52 (Karsan, Colony), Kuldeep
Colony, Kajheri ), Pandit Colony, Kajheri, Gwala Colony Kajheri And Majdoor Golony Kajheri
Dr. jyotsna wigE-11,Uppal Marble ArchManimajra, Chd.9815984544
32Sector 44, Sector 51 And Sector 51 R?Olony No. 5Ms. Shipra BansalH.No. 5797(B), Sec 38(West), Chd.9888900859
33Buiii L (Sector-45)Sh. Sat Parkash AggarwalSCF No.90 Grain Market , Sector-26, Chd.9915758952
34Sector 45 And Sector 46Smt. Kamla SharmaH.No. 207, Sector 37-A, Chd.9872511221
35Sector 48, Sector 49,Sector 50 And Sector 63Maj.Gen. M.S. KandalH.No. 238, Sector 35-A, Chandigarh9316131566
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Here’s a Tip: Never be Shy while reaching out to these people. Your vote gave you every right to knock their doors to seek answers.

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