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Know About The Medicinal Values & Health Benefits Of Official Flower Of Chandigarh

Dhak is the official Flower of Chandigarh and it is known for its beauty. But another important thing about this plant is its medicinal values that can help to curing different disorders. This plant has two types one bears flowers which are shiny, orange and other is dark red in color. In summers, an oil is extracted from the flowers to make a red gum after solidification that is also known as ‘kamarka‘.

Every part of this plant has some medicinal values you can use its leaves, bark, flowers, roots and seeds to cure different type of disorders. The bark and gum contain gallic acid. It also contains unctuous fluid and alkali. Seeds contain palasonin and the plant contains stable oil.

Nomenclature Of Dhak:

English name– Flame of the forest

Scientific name– Butea monosperma

Family name– Fabaceae

Hindi name– Dhak, Tesu

Sanskrit name– Kinshuk, Yagik

Bengali name– Palash

Today we are going to share about the medicinal value of Dhak Flower.

Medicinal Benefits Of  State Flower Of Chandigarh:

Help in Eye disorders

If you are suffering from any type of eye disorder like cataract, night blindness, and another eye problems then the use of a single drop of palash root extract regularly can help you to cure of that disorder.

Stops Nosebleed

If in summer nosebleed is bothering you then just try dhak flowers to get away from this problem. Soak its 5-7 flowers in water, overnight. Next morning, separate the solution and some sugar in it and then have it. It will give you relief from nasal bleeding.

Increase Appetite

If you have lost your appetite and you want to increase it then dhak tree roots can do miraculous work on it. Take some fresh roots of it and then give 4-5 drops of extract of its fresh roots, with the leaf of nut-grass to the person. This will surely help to increase your appetite.

Help In Indigestion

Every part of this tree has some medicinal values and it also helps in problems related to stomach like indigestion. Powder of its bark and ginger will help to cure indigestion or accumulation of wind.

Helps in piles

Its leaves will help pile patient to get rid of bleeding piles. Take some fresh leaves of dhak and then smear it with ghee. Take this with curd and it will help you to fight with your disease.

Good for Eczema

Its seeds will help you in curing Eczema and itching. For this, you have to grind its seeds with lemon juice and then you can use this mixture in affected areas.

Increase the Sexual vigor

if any man suffering from impotency and want to increase sexual drive then dhak tree root extract will help in it. It also helps to stop the involuntary flow of semen.

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