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Different Types Of Friends That Everyone Has In Their Group

Friends are the best part of our life and no one can imagine their college life and school life without the friends. There is no one in this world who don’t have a friend in their life, an exception could be there but most of us love to make friends. In our college life, we make many friends and everyone has to share different position in our life and no one can replace each other like “her ek friend zaruri hota hai.”

Different Types Of Friends That Everyone Has In Their Group

We collect lots of memories in our college life and these memories are meant to be never erased. On today’s read, we are going to share different types of friends that everyone has in their group.

Different Types Of Friend:

Chaddi Baddi Friend:

This category is for those friends who are with us from the day when we first came to know about the word “friend” without knowing the real meaning of it. From Childhood, in schooling and then in college life always together.

Late Lateef:

This type of friends always irritates you by saying that I am on the way and coming in 5 minutes. But always these 5 minutes turn to hours and this will make you feel like killing him. But this type of friends can never change.

Always Hungery:

A Friend who is always hungry and always say “kuch khila na badi bhuk lagi hai” and eat so much of food but will always look fit.

Cry Baby:

A friend who always ready to cry and emotionally blackmail you. You will always try to relax him or her.

Make You Laugh All The Times:

A  friend who is the comedy king of your group, who always make you laugh even in front teachers and all the time you decide to change the seat but never do it.

Obsessed With Selfie:

A friend who never miss a single chance to capture the moments and sometimes this thing irritate us so much.

A friend with Broken Phone:

A friend whose phone is in very bad condition but he never want to change it.

Enjoy every hard and good moment with friends and make memories for life.

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