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Chandigarh: Prince Mehra Who Started First Bird Ambulance Of The Country

It is surprising but true that Prince Mehra who love birds and wanted to serve them. So he thought of a social service 7 years ago and started “first bird ambulance of the country” for those birds who are speechless, and not able to express their pain. For many years he served these speechless creatures without others help but when others came to know about his work one national bank tried to donate one van to him.

Chandigarh: Prince Mehra Who Started First Bird Ambulance Of The Country

But Mr. Prince believes in to keep the environment clean from any type of pollution he refused it. But Now he has an E-Bike with the help of this he will save birds in future.

What Motivated Him To Start This Service 

Mehra, a signboard painter, started the ambulance service to provide medical care to injured birds and also to dispose of carcasses of birds found dead on the roadside in 2011. He receives motivation to start this service from the incident that happened in Ferozpur. He says in 2011, during a visit to Ferozpur, he saw a sweeper throwing the carcasses of two pigeons, which had died due to a short circuit,  into the dustbin. He took out both carcasses and buried these in a nearby pit. After this incident, he decided to start this campaign in the City Beautiful to ask residents to be more sensitive to birds. To popularize his mission, he moves around the city on his modified bicycle, which has a hand-made medicine box and his contact number on it. Now he got e-bike and now he will provide his services in this.

How He Provide Treatment To Birds:

According to Prince till now he has disposed around carcasses of 552 birds in the city and also treated many birds. He said last year he got a job in animal husbandry department because of Chandigarh Administration and this is very helpful for him to serve birds. He added that if birds are not seriously injured then he treat them in his home otherwise he provide them treatment in Department hospital. He also distributes earthen pots to the residents and requests them to fill them with water every day for birds. Now residents also inform him about injured bird. However, this bird lover does not solely depend on these calls, but himself moves around the city on his bicycle to find out if any bird is lying injured on the road so that he can provide medication.

He Got Felicitated For His Good Work:

For his good work, he has got his name in Limca Book of Records, India Book Of Records, Unique Book Of Records, and also Chandigarh Administration has given him state award. We will give him all the best for his work in future and also salute him because he is helping those creatures who can not express their pain.


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