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Do You Know, How You Can Check Honey Purity At Home

HomeFITNESSDo You Know, How You Can Check Honey Purity At Home

Do You Know, How You Can Check Honey Purity At Home

Honey is sweet and brownish substance and honeybees prepare it from flower nectar. Pure honey has many benefits like it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. In ancient times people use it as a drug to cure burns, abscesses, and wounds and because of these properties, it is also known as “wonder drug”. Honey is an important part of ayurvedic medicines and it is given to patients by mixing it with different kinds of components like spices and herbs.

Honey is full of healthy benefits. It is full of minerals and vitamins because of these amazing properties everybody wants to buy honey and you can easily get honey from the market. There will be many brands in the market that will show that their honey is the purest one, but it is not true. Most of the brands sell honey that will be adulterated with glucose solution, also have some harmful antibiotics and high water content.

How to check honey purity at home

Nowadays everyone is health conscious and everyone wants to have pure things. In the case of honey, you can check its purity at home as well. There are some tests you have to do at home before using honey:

Food Safety And Standard Authority of India:

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India are a statutory body under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. FSSAI is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety. A honey brand that you are buying from the market should have a license from FSSAI. Check it before buying.

Honey thickness test

Pure honey is very viscous and when you take it on your finger, it will never spread or spill, but honey adulterated with water will fall quickly.

Water test 

In this test, take one glass of water and pour one teaspoon full of honey in it. If your honey is adulterated, it will dissolve quickly otherwise it will settle down on the bottom of the glass.

Burning test

Take some honey and try to burn it, if your honey gets burnt then it is pure and if unable to burnt then it is adulterated with a high amount of water.

Iodine test

In iodine test you have to put some iodine solution on honey if it will change color to blue, then it has some starch and flour as an impurity.

These are the test you can follow to know about your honey that it is pure or impure.


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