As we all know that water table is declining but after that people are not stopping over exploitation of water and paddy is still growing in Punjab. This is the crop that include in water guzzling crops. Farmers here need to adopt some smarter technique to grow crops that can save water. Punjab needs to promote less-water guzzling crops like pulses, oil seeds, cotton, maize, millet, vegetables and fruits. For this farmers need improved seeds and also assurance of better price for their crops.

There should be mechanism to support farmers to yield more and also need to teach them smarter ways to save water. The area under paddy cultivation should be reduced and high value crops like cotton, fruits, vegetables, canola, and turmeric should be grown to raise their cropping area from 3.4%. Cotton is a long duration crop and high value crop. For the crops like cotton there is no need to flood the fields with water.

What Is Included In The Proposal Of Assocham: 

Industry body Assocham has given a proposal and this is for the announcement of comprehensive industrial policy for Punjab. This is the joint vision paper for new government given by Assocham and Thought Arbitrage Research Institute (TARI),Some important points that are given in the proposal are :

  • Limits on private stocking and tax on purchase of food grains (14.4%) should be revisited and withdrawn.
  • According to the proposal subsidy should be directly transferred to the farmers.
  • The subsidy Policy that is made for fertilizers has some flaws it should be revisited for the balanced use of nutrients.
  • Octroi and cow cess should be withdrawn and cheaper power available to new industries should be extended to the existing ones.
  • IT and ITeS industries should be developed in Amritsar, Jalandhar and Ludhiana.
  • The health expenditure needs to go up to Rs 5,000 per capita by 2030 from the current level of Rs 1,015 (2014-15).
  • The public health infrastructure needs drastic restructuring at sub-centre, PHC and CHC levels.

Proposal has included everything from the growth of crops to health of people. According to the proposal state has no clear plans to beat alarming level of cancer and drug addiction. For people who can not afford high prices of hospitals there should be some plans to get them good treatment.