HomeTCBAmazing Health Benefits of Jamun Fruit (Black Plum)

Amazing Health Benefits of Jamun Fruit (Black Plum)

HomeTCBAmazing Health Benefits of Jamun Fruit (Black Plum)

Amazing Health Benefits of Jamun Fruit (Black Plum)

Black plum that is known as jamun in India is delicious fruit and packed with lots of health benefits and this fruit found everywhere during rainy season (in the month of June or July) in the market or road side. On today’s read we are going to tell you about the health benefits that you can have from Jamun or Black plum.


Amazing Health Benefits Of Jamun

Read below amazing health benefits of jamun:

Natural Blood Purifier

This black fruit is very beneficial for our body because it can act as a natural blood purifier. It is rich in iron that help to act as blood purifier and help to transport oxygenated blood to whole body.

Eye and Skin Health

Vitamins A and C that are helpful for eyes and skin are present in this black plum in large amoount. So, have this fruit to reap the benefits. Its astringent property makes it able to keep oily skin fresh, smooth and acne free.

Help in Digestive Disorders

People who have problem to digestion or problem related to digestive track they can have jamun because its cooling property help in proper digestion and cure digestive disorder.

Make You Infection free:

It is full of oxalic acid, gallic acid, malic acid, tannins, betulic acid and etc that has capability to make you infection free. It has also anti-malarial, anti-infective and antibacterial properties.

Keeps Teeth and Gums Healthy

The antibacterial property of its helps you prevent teeth and gums from various infections.

Prevents from Heart Disorders

Black plum contains good amount of potassium mineral which is very beneficial for keeping heart healthy and preventing for diseases like hypertension, stroke and other cardio vascular diseases.


This fruit is rich in antioxidants that can keep you away from the free radicals.

Regulates Blood Sugar Level

Jamun fruit is very good remedy for the people suffering from diabetes because of its anti-diabetic properties which helps to regulate blood suger level.

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