HomeFoodie7 Benefits Of Eating Banana Daily That Will Make You Healthy

7 Benefits Of Eating Banana Daily That Will Make You Healthy

HomeFoodie7 Benefits Of Eating Banana Daily That Will Make You Healthy

7 Benefits Of Eating Banana Daily That Will Make You Healthy

Banana that is favourite fruit among many of us is packed with lots of health benefits. Today we are going to share some health benefits with all of you that will surely give you people reason to add it in your daily diet.

Rich In Potassium:

Potassium that included in essential mineral and plays lots of functions in our body. Bananas is rich in potassium and helps to lower the risk of having stroke by up to 20% and reduce the risk of high blood pressure. It will also protect you from osteporosis and brittle bones because it helps to preserve calcium in your bones.

Increase In Sperm Count:

We can designate banana a sexual superfood because it helps to boost sperm count. Banana contains enzyme called Bromelain which is supposed to increase male libido and sex drive. It increase production of sperm and fertility. It has magnessium, vitamin B, and vitamin C which are building blocks of sperm. So eat 1-3 bananas in a week this would be enough to increase your sperm count.

Hangover Cure:

You all know that Banana is favourite energy increasing fruit among atheletes but it also help to remove hangover. When you are hungover, you lost potassium, so after you get up take banana this will help you to replenish your potassium and you will also get relief from hangover.

Improved Digestion:

It helps you feel full after a meal and helps prevent constipation and lowers your risk of several disorders, including an inflammatory condition called diverticular disease.

Reduce Stress:

Bananas has high level of potassium, which helps in the regulation of blood pressure. Lots of other fruits and vegetables contain potassium, but it’s especially high in bananas. In addition to stress benefits, bananas can keep your blood sugar levels up.

Help To Reduce Acid Reflux:

Acid indigestion is common digestive disorder that bother most of us it occurs when stomach acid flows back to esophagus and this leads to acid reflux. Some symptoms it shows are burning sensation in chest , heartburn and bloating. Banana is an Alkaline fruit which can neutrize the acid in the stomach.

Rich In Vitamin B6:

Banana is rich in Vitamin B6 and  the amount of vitamin B6 you get from a banana depends on the size of banana you eat. An extra-large banana supplies 0.56 milligrams, or 43 percent of the 1.3 milligrams of vitamin B6 you need each day. B6 keeps your nerves working right and helps regulate your blood sugar levels. If you eat a high-protein diet, you’ll need more vitamin B6 because it helps you metabolize proteins from your food.

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