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Youngsters Who Involved In Drug Peddling In Chandigarh Are Arrested

The Mohali police have arrested four accused who were allegedly involved in the drug peddling. Drugs are the major problem and our youth is badly affected by these drugs. Drugs can appear initially to have positive effects – lifting your mood, relaxing you or even giving you more energy. However, they can also have negative impacts on your mental and physical health. Youth are attracted toward this easily because they think that with this they can earn easy money. Accused who were involved in drug peddling and arrested having age between 20 to 24. Cases related to drug peddling in Chandigarh is increasing and the administration should take some strict actions against it.

Young Girl Of Chandigarh Who Involved In Drug Peddling In Chandigarh Is Arrested

Who were involved in drug peddling:

  • Police have identified four accused named as Harkamal Kaur, Moneka from Nayagaon, Parveen Kumar, a resident of Chandigarh, and Taranjit Singh, a resident of Salamatpur village at Mullanpur.
  • Harkamal Kaur age is 21 and she is working in a five-star hotel in the city. Police found around with 10 gm of heroin when she was on her way to Mohali on her Activa scooter to supply the drug to her customer.
  • The police recovered 150 gm of heroin from Moneka and Parveen Kumar. Moneka was unemployed to earn money she chose drug peddling and she is 23 years old.
  • Taranjit Singh is a contractor and arrested near Hoshiarpur village on the Chandigarh-Kurali road. He was going to supply the drug to his clients at Kurali and carrying 100 gm of heroin.

Case registered against accused:

Police have registered the case of drug peddling against everyone in the nearby police stations where they caught red handed. The case against Harkamal Kaur is registered in the phase 1 police station and the case against Moneka and Parveen Kumar at the Nayagaon police station. Taranjit Singh who belongs to Mullanupur and his case has been booked there.

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