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Gaining weight in winter : Here are some prongs for winter weight loss

Winter weight loss:Winters make you sluggish and glued you your blankets!! Many people get heaps of pounds in winters because of their cravings for certain foods like chocolates, warming soups and many more things. The freezing temperature drives you to sit at home without doing any exercise. A well planned winter weight loss can drop your weight in a holistic natural way.

Here are some tips to cleanse your body: Winter weight loss plan

  • Short workout sessions

Instead of skipping workout shorten your sweat session and feel fit.

  • Try indoor workout

Cold weather lets hop your outside workout so try indoor workout like hot yoga, martial arts and certain other indoor practices.

Winter weight loss

  • Plate with Protein

Pack your food full of proteins because proteins help you to feel full for longer.

Winter weight loss

  • Replace regular coffee and tea with green tea

Morning coffee and tea should be replaced with green tea, it helps in maintaining good metabolism and weight loss.

Winter weight loss

  • Don’t skip meals

Generally many people skip their breakfast in order to get office on time or to lose weight. This is the worst you can do, eat normally throughout the day.

  • Drink water like fish

Start drinking atleast 8-10 of water a day to maintain a healthy body.

Winter weight loss

  • Replace carbohydrates with foods rich in fibre and proteins

Carbohydrates meal should be replaced by meals that are rich in fibre like oatmeal, fruits, coconut milk.

Winter weight loss

  • Sleep

During winters due longer night sleep is more but get more sleep during the early dark evenings which will stop you from midnight cravings. Early to bed early to rise because early morning sunlight has a positive effect on your sleep cycle.

Winter weight loss


So these were the tips to shed your pounds. Don’t use winters as an excuse to gain weight simply substitute your habits and see the difference.Winter weight loss made easy so don’t procrastinate start working from today.









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