HomeTCBWhy Every Second Person Around You Is Turning To Insomniac?

Why Every Second Person Around You Is Turning To Insomniac?

HomeTCBWhy Every Second Person Around You Is Turning To Insomniac?

Why Every Second Person Around You Is Turning To Insomniac?

At night when you turn off your lights and try to sleep, suddenly one thought come to your mind and when you try to stop that thought, a chain of thoughts start dancing in your mind. Now, you will spend your whole night with tension, anxiety, and worry. If you are spending your nights without sleep, then it means you are turning to an insomniac.

insomnia: why you turning to insomniac


Insomnia is a sleeping disorder and nowadays every second person around you will say that I am spending my nights without sleep. They want to sleep, but they are unable to sleep and this is making them unhealthy, irritated, depressed, and less productive. Sleep is an important part of our life like eating, breathing and having water and if you are not getting it properly you will feel restless and unhealthy.

Nights are meant for every person to take rest or to sleep,
But for thousands of insomniacs, it is time to peep and weep.

Reasons to get insomnia:

There are many reasons, that why people are suffering from insomnia. This is not related to age but every age person including adults are suffering from this disorder. Reasons to get insomnia are following:

thought traffic: why you are turning to insomniac

Environmental noise:

At night when you go to sleep, there should not be any noise because this can cause hindrance in your sleep. Place where you sleep should be peaceful and tranquil.

Thought traffic:

There are thousands of people who always think of past and future problems. They never give rest to their mind. There are lots of traffic of thoughts in their mind that can cause insomnia.

Medical problems:

Some people are suffering from diseases like asthma, allergy, depression and back pain because of these diseases they are unable to sleep at night and they are turning to an insomniac.

Insomnia due to anxiety:

Some people get nervous and anxious due to imaginary problems and they spend their whole nights on thinking about these kinds of problems. This is another reason to get insomnia.

Insomnia due to food habits:

If your food habits are not proper you are having caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and do smoking in excess then you will get insomnia.

Daily routine you have to follow to get rid of insomnia

To get rid of insomnia you have to make some changes in your lifestyle, habits, sleeping environment, and thinking process. Some things you have to follow:

food for insomnia: why we are turnig to insomnia

Do exercise and meditation:

You have to change your habits like you have to make exercise and meditation your part of daily routine. This will remove all negative thoughts from your mind.

Have light  dinner:

Some people take a heavy meal at night and this hinders their sleep. So at night you have to take light dinner before 3 or 4 hours before you sleep

Read books that soothe you:

Before you sleep always try to do things that soothe your brain like reading good books.

Don’t use mobile while sleeping:

Nowadays everyone is addicted to mobile phone and computer. When we go to sleep we should keep all these things away from us because an excess use of these things has very bad effects on our health and sleep.

Add some foods into your daily routine: 

Add some healthy foods in your daily routine like papaya, almonds, guava, cherries, herbal tea, warm milk, and salmon. These things can help you all to sleep properly.

if you really want to make changes in your life and want to make yourself healthy, then only you can help yourself. Try to change your habits and see the magic.


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