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Weird Things About Female That You Should Know

Women are charming, beautiful, fragile and enthusiastic and sometimes so peculiar. There are lots of weird and interesting things about women and on today’s read, we are going to tell you about some weird things about women.

Weird Things About Female That You Should Know

Weird Things About Female:

#There is a weird thing about women that the part of the brain that shows arousal during sex also shows a similar arousal in some women while they’re thinking about food or during food craving.

#Men are attracted to fertile women and they attracted toward the changes in a woman’s odor and changes. Women who are taking birth control are actually less attractive to them.

#One breast of women is larger than the other and this difference is not noticeable. But no woman has equal-sized breasts.

#Ladies have to eat a balanced diet during pregnancy. According to some scientific research, the attractiveness of a woman’s child is heavily dependent on what she eats during pregnancy.

#Contrary to popular belief women may experience multiple orgasms, while men always need time between orgasms.

#There are some women who born with two uteruses or two vaginas. This gets noticeable when women face excessive bleeding and weird menstrual cycles.

#Women’s Brain has greater recall and memory than men that’s the reason your wives and girlfriends always bring things from the past.

#Women always feel attracted toward the person who smells good.

#Women over 40 are generally quicker at achieving orgasm than women under 40.

#The only purpose of the clitoris is to bring women pleasure. It has no other functional value for the female body.

#Women crave sex in the summer more than they do in any other seasons due to the season’s scents.

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