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Top 10 Dance Studios in Chandigarh – Tricity

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Top 10 Dance Studios in Chandigarh – Tricity

The word Dance has different meanings for people. But when it comes to Chandigarh, people here are very enthusiastic. Punjabis & Haryanvi are always ready to rock the floor. The folk dance, Bhangra has become famous worldwide for its workout sessions. Dancing not only improves your health, but it will also sparkle your skin, helps you losing weight & keeps you happy. These are the top 10 Dance Studios in Chandigarh

Chandigarh Dance Academy.

Chandigarh Dance Academy

This place is specialised in salsa, hip hop, western & folk dances. The academy is run by Ms Prakriti Kunwar. She is a Kathak dancer & has taken her lessons of dance from Shivji Mishra.

The dance academy is located in sector 38 Chandigarh.

Average fees- 1200/month

Phone number- 9888629122

Urban School of Dance.

Urban School of Dance

This place is perfect for people who want to learn international dance forms. The academy teaches Bollywood, Hip-hop, Zumba, Jazz Funk, Contemporary, Ballroom, Kizomba & Belly. The academy also has some international dance teachers. It is situated near sector 51 Chandigarh.

Average fees- 1300/ person

 Phone number- 8872087226

Jaskshan’s Dance Dacha

Jakshan's Dance Academy

It is one of the most favourite dance academies of Tricity. Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Locking Popping, Zumba, Kathak, Salsa, Contemporary and Hula Hoop are the main dance forms here. It is situated near sector 44 Chandigarh. The academy runs classes for all age groups.

Average fees- 1900/person

Phone number-9814957969

The Dance Mafia

The Dance Mafia

This studio is run by a DID mom contestant Mrs Ripan Preet Sidhu. It is located in Phase 7 Mohali. So, the academy run batches for all age groups starting from 7 years to adults. Bhangra & theme dance are the main dance forms here. 

Average fees- 1500 per person.

Phone number- 089681 98870

Dance World Chandigarh.

Dance World Chandigarh

This academy was established in April 2006 & has the highest number of students. The academy teaches almost every dance form like Hip-hop, Jazz, Belly, contemporary, Punjabi, Aerobics, Latin America, western. It is situated near Neelam Theatre Chandigarh.

Average fees- 2000/person.

Phone number- 0172-4649811

Groove You Dance Studio.

Groove you by Pankaj

The academy is run by Mr Pankaj Thakur & he is good enough in Salsa/Bachata/Kizomba. They used to organise free Kizomba workshops in clubs near Tricity. The choreographers here has worked with different Punjabi & Bollywood actors.  It is located near sector 43-b Chandigarh.

Average Fees- 1800/person

Phone no- 9878338886

The Danza land.

Danza Land

This place is a dance studio & a gym in itself. It offers different types of memberships to its users. They have ample activities like Gymnastics, Yoga, Dance sessions, Zumba, Salsa, Kathak and many more. The academy is located in sector 16 Chandigarh.

Average fees- 2000/person.

Phone number- 099886 88206

Dansation Mohali

Dansation Studio Mohali

This academy is famous for it’s western & Punjabi pop culture. They have 4 memberships from 1 month to 6 months & year membership. So, they do run batches for kids b/w age of 5 to 7 years & a separate batch for above 8 years old kids. It is located near KFC 3b-2 Mohali.

Average fees- 1499/person

Phone number- 098888 92718

Show stoppers Dance Academy

Show stoppers Dance Academy

This academy is located near Stepping stones school sector 37 Chandigarh. They have different sessions related to Aerobics, Kathak, Bhangra, Giddha & Hollywood. The academy started in 2008 & it also offers wedding & party choreographies. 

Average Fees- 1500/ person.

Phone number- 9878857555

Rhythmic Bhangra Academy.

Rhythmic Bhangra Academy

This academy is teaching Bhangra for the past few months. They do organise Bhangra contests & free workshops. Recently, they did a free bhangra workshop in Bestech Square Mall Mohali. They are located in phase 5 near Amrit confectionery Mohali.

Average Fees- 1300/person

Phone no- 7947245415

The Dance Unity

The Dance Unity

This academy is famous for its numerous events & item number choreographies. They used to perform flashmobs, fitness dance, theme dances etc. Therefore, this academy is more focused on Bollywood dance themes. It is located in sector 21 Chandigarh

Average Fees- 2000/person

Phone no-9988561317

Hence, these are the Top 10 Dance Studios in Chandigarh which you must try.  For more updates, follow Chandigarh Bytes.

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