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Teach your Kids Traffic rules at earliest, in Children Traffic Park Sector 23, Chandigarh

HomeACTIVITIESTeach your Kids Traffic rules at earliest, in Children Traffic Park Sector...

Teach your Kids Traffic rules at earliest, in Children Traffic Park Sector 23, Chandigarh

Most of the Bollywood films portray India’s roads jammed with Auto-rickshaw waala’s, Cars honking continuously, A motorbiker sweeping his way through the road blockade, cattle mooing right in the middle of the road. Now, there is no “Do you wonder, why?” here, because it is the truth. The truth of India. Do you know, India is informally called “the accident capital of the world”

Thankfully, we Chandigarhians don’t face these crises much. We face least of Traffic jams. But wait! Don’t give credits to yourself people. The sole credit goes to Le Corbusier’s for this ultimate and organized planning of the city. Just imagine, if the city’s layout had not been this, what would have your life been?

Come on, Visualise yourself cussing in that road rage! It’s horrible right! Now, imagine your kids living in other cities and cussing in these same road rage scenarios. It’s literal hell for them every day.

Let’s Cut to the Chase

There are two reasons behind India being the Traffic and accident capital of the world.

  • Firstly, half of the people don’t even know about the exact traffic rules and penalties.
  • Second, others couldn’t care less as the first half is already breaking the rules. 

The real problem stems from the early years of our upbringings. As kids, we are not well taught about the importance of the Traffic Rules. And Let’s say we did, but we never make rules as a part of our knowledge, because we never witness our parents doing the same. How many of you have seen adults wearing helmets outside Tricity? I have never spotted a single person wearing the helmet in small towns like Kurali, Morinda, Ropar, and even in Kharar. Because we simply couldn’t care less. 

Educate the Next Generation

India does have strict traffic laws, but most of us are ignorant about them. Some of us Millenials are parents right now.

It’s time to reprogram our minds. It’s time to understand that it’s not about “getting away with it” but about personal safety against road mishaps.

Learn Traffic rules and teach your kids as well. It’s our duty to teach our kids a sense of responsibility towards the traffic rules. 

Spend a day with your kid at Children Traffic Park

children traffic park, sector 23 chandigarh

Make your kid learn the rules of the road in a playful manner. Chandigarh’s Children Traffic Park in Sector 23 is designed for the sole purpose. The park was developed in 2009 in the area of approximately 12 acres for the sole purpose of teaching traffic rules to children. The park highlights traffic signals at various points along with tricky lead-out paths to imitate real-life road scenarios. You can easily spot kids learning bicycle with their training wheels inside this park. 

Even the elderly enjoy the surreal walks through the beautifully laid out paths in the early morning and late evenings. 

Children’s traffic park also houses a traffic police cell that conducts workshops and training on the awareness of traffic rules. The schools of Tricity often organize educational field trips to the children’s traffic park. 

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What To Expect

Rows of tall and exotic green trees, beautiful bushes of flowers, and a serene view for spending a perfect Day out. Tracks displaying the Traffic signals and signboards to let children understand the meaning and importance of each traffic symbol. Tricky and playful tracks with bridges, U-turns, overpass, underpass, blind curve, one-way routes, blinkers, stop signs, sharp turns, and everything that could imitate the real road scenarios. Take your kids bicycling in the park and make learning the traffic rules more fun. 

The Idea Behind Children Traffic Park

Chandigarh’s Traffic police want to convey the message of three E’s -Enforcement, Engineering, and Education. School-age is a perfect age when our minds perceive things with an ethical and innocent perspective. It’s the right time to make kids aware of the adult life scenarios they could face in their life. By training in Children Traffic Park, they will learn to be careful during driving, riding, and using roads. Lack of required knowledge results in accidents and casualties. Do you want to die for a silly reason like not putting on a seatbelt? The parks want to train kids, after all, they are the future of the country. 

Department of Motor Vehicles Test

Apart from being a city’s attraction, the park also conducts DMV Test at noon. You can easily spot people waiting in Queue for their driver’s test. 

children traffic park, chandigarh

Earlier the average waiting time for the DMV test tends to be 5 hours. Imagine 5 hours standing in Queue in the scorching heat! Now, Chandigarh UT administration has launched a web portal for booking an online appointment for the regular driving test. Visit their official website or call their helpline number 1860 180 2067 for any assistance.

Keep a lookout on…

Chandigarh Traffic Park, Chandigarh Sector 23

In June 2018, Chandigarh Traffic Police Wing organized its first-ever Road Safety Summer Camp. The camp saw, the trainers taught the kids about road safety. They also witnessed the functioning of CCTV cameras and the Challenging Branch at Sector 29 traffic lines. They were awarded certificates. The park keeps organizing such activities. Click here to know more. 


The park timings are 8 AM to 6 PM

Driving tests for children are also conducted thrice a week and its time is set between 9 AM to 10 AM.

For DMV, The timings are from 9 AM to 12 PM morning and 2 PM to 4 PM evening Monday to Friday at the same venue.

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