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Why Is Sunday A Holiday? Know About Some Interesting Facts Of Sunday

It’s Sunday a relaxed day and on this day we get a break from our busy schedule. For the whole week, we wait for Sunday to rest, to relax and to party. Many of us make this day a lazy day because of we only want to sleep on this day by skipping our meals. But in ancient time Sunday was not the holiday. Today we are going to share some interesting facts about Sunday with you.

Why Is Sunday A Holiday?

Sunday that is considered as the divine day in Christianity and that’s the reason people use this day for mass prayers. European powers are credited for the concept of Sunday holiday because they followed the Gregorian calendar. The British who were ardent followers of Christianity wanted to impose the same laws that were prevailing in their country. This is the reason of Holiday on Sunday in India also, Sunday was declared as a holiday or Off day only in the year 1840, and same was followed in many of the countries that were ruled by the British in the colonial era.

Some Interesting Facts About Sunday:

Sunday that was known for the mass prayer is converted to the fun day nowadays. People love to sleep and use it for doing a party because this is a holiday in most of the countries. Today’s we are going to tell you some interesting facts of Sunday.

Sunday a Pajama wearing day:

This is the day when we can wear pajamas for the whole day and this relaxes us. Every day we get up for our particular destinations and for going out we have to get ready. But this is the only day where we can feel relax in Pajama only.

Popularly known for watching porns:

According to the research done by Online MBA, it is found that Sunday is the popular day to watch porn as compare to other days. From this, it is clear that “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

Worship day converted to sports day:

Previously, Christian go to churches on Sunday for mass prayers but now people avoid to go there and play their favorite sport on this day. Now worship day is converted to “Super Sports Sunday”.

In Some Countries Worst Day For Emergency Services:

In some countries, on Sunday all services get shutdown this cause lots of problems sometimes.

Some Countries Work On Sunday

For countries like Israel, Iran, Bahrain and Bangladesh, work week starts on Sunday. This is mostly as a result of Judaism and Islam having differing worshiping times from Christianity.

So, enjoy this day with fun and also do some prayers on this divine day.

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