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Signs Of Narcissist Personality Disorder That You Should Know

When we hear word narcissism then a very first word that strikes in everyone’s mind is self-love but more accurately narcissim in psychological terms is related to love with the idealized, grandiose or pretentious image of themselves. These people are self-centered, having arrogant thinking and behavior and they do not have any empathy for other people. They always need excessive admiration to avoid any type of insecurity and they love their inflated self-image.

Signs Of Narcissist Personality Disorder That You Should Know
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Self- importance:

Narcissist people always think that they are very special personalities and not a normal person can understand them. people who can understand them should have the same personality like them, that’s the reason that they always associate with such people who are high in status. They want recognition because of they want to look different from others even they don’t do anything for recognition.

Starving for continuous praise and admiration:

Narcissist people always want to surround themselves with the people who always praise them and admire them. These people need constant attention and praise. If there would be any interruption in it then they take it as a betrayal.

Live in a fantasy world:

They live in the fantasy world and fantasies like unlimited success, brilliance, power, and their attractiveness make them feel special and also protect them from inner emptiness and shame.

Lack of empathy:

These people will never hear others feeling because they don’t have empathy for them. If the person who is surrounding them is not serving their needs then they will never care about relations and exploit that person.

Can’t take criticism:

Criticism is not in the dictionary of the narcissist people and they want to stay with that person who can not compete with them or not criticize them. People who are not admiring them or criticizing them can face bullying, insults, and threats from such people.

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