HomeNewsNewsBytes: Bicycle Sharing Project launched in Chandigarh

NewsBytes: Bicycle Sharing Project launched in Chandigarh

HomeNewsNewsBytes: Bicycle Sharing Project launched in Chandigarh

NewsBytes: Bicycle Sharing Project launched in Chandigarh

The bicycle-sharing project has started in Chandigarh today as a pilot project under the “Cycles4Change Challenge”. It has cycles on a half-hourly payment basis. Chandigarh is one of the 95 cities in the country taking part in the challenge to make city dwellers cycle-friendly and increase zero-carbon mobility. It will be launched with 25 docking stations and 250 bicycles.

SmartBike Mobility

SmartBike Mobility assisted Chandigarh with this bicycling sharing project. The company had already set up smart bikes in cities like Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad. 

For smart bikes, the taker will have to pay Rs 5 for half an hour for cycling and Rs 10 for non-members. The cycles will never get punctured. Nor the air is required to fill in the tires.

These will have 60 e-bicycles and 40 pedal bicycles, with GPS installed, non-members will be alerted as soon as they are out of range

Bicycles Cost:

The price of smartbike electric is rumored to be purchased around 65 thousand by the company, while the price of a pedaled bicycle is said to be 30 thousand. All these will be controlled by the company’s centralized control room. The server room will be in Hyderabad. Later it will be shifted to the city here soon. 

Cycles will Beep when they go out of range

If a non-member comes out of the range of the area with a bicycle, the beep will start ringing at all the docking stations. The company’s field staff will take the bicycle and catch the fleeing person on the spot. A presentation has been given by Advisor cum Chairman Smart City Limited on behalf of Chandigarh Smart City Limited regarding this project. 

Money will be deducted from Fleeting Non-members account

Non-members will have to download the Smart Bike Mobility app after scanning the QR code on the docking station mounted. Your Aadhaar number has to be written in the app. After this, the cycle number has to be written, then the lock will open from the docking station of the bicycle. You can go to the designated area by bicycle. By accessing the docking station there, the lock of the bicycle can be closed through the app. There will be a deduction of money from there. Non-member half an hour will deduct 10 rupees.

Membership is also available

If you apply for membership, the money will get deducted from the smart cards.

Multiple Docking Stations around the City

Docking centers were built in front of RBI in Sector-17 of the city, in front of TDI Mall, near Batra Building, Punjab University, PGI, GMSH-16, Punjab-Haryana High Court, Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden, Sector-22 Mobile Market Will go Where the bicycle can be taken and kept.

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