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Malls In Chandigarh Are Struggling But Elante Still Stays Tall

Elante mall that is located in Chandigarh’s Industrial Area Phase 1is spread over 20 acres of area and is very successful as compare to other malls in Chandigarh that are struggling for their survival. It is set up by Larson and Toubro 4 years ago with an investment of over Rs 1700 crore and this attractive. This vibrant Hub has 235 retail outlets.

The downfall of malls in Chandigarh:

Elante mall is successful but most of other Malls in the Tricity are struggling for survival and there is a long list of the mall that is struggling but Elante is still staying tall. The list of malls is Centra Mall, the Fun Republic in ManiMajra, DT in IT Park and TDI in sector 17. There are some reasons of behind their struggle:

  • Bigger players can afford to take the hit but smaller ones have to feel the heat.
  • High rents are also a big problem they are facing.
  • Limited brands in other malls are unable to attract clientele.
  • There are not other entertainment sources and not attractive food outlets that the reason they are unable to attract customers.
  • Many small malls are mushrooming that are only hit the business of other.

Why Elante still stands tall:

Elante mall in Chandigarh was set up by Larsen and Toubro 4 years ago by investing around Rs 1700 crore and this attractive hub has 235 retail outlets. In Chandigarh, there is a long list of the mall that is struggling for their survival but Elante is successful in Chandigarh and able to attract many people. There are some reasons behind  it:

  • Capacity to accommodate 6000 cars in the parking area of the mall.
  • You will get Full protection there because the place is choc-a-bloc with police.
  • Engineering department worked day and night to manage the traffic.
  • Attract more people because in Elante every brand is available, food outlets, and if you want to enjoy movies then everything is available there.
  • You will get everything their like music, air conditioning and other fun activities every time.

In Elante daily footfall is about 38000 on Weekdays and 6000 on weekends that goes up to 1.5 lakh on festival days according to operating official in Elante.

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