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Lukewarm Response Of Women Helpline Number In Tricity

Crime in Tricity is increasing and daily news of rape, stalking, and harassment is coming to limelight. Here in Tricity for the protection of girls, there are helpline numbers. It is good that there are such numbers where we can call when we are feeling some threat. But if no one is responding when a girl or women need help or if cops are coming late then there is no use of such numbers. 

Recently the civil hospital’s one-stop crisis center has found out that the police stations and helpline for women have delayed and inadequate response. These lukewarm responses are the reason of increasing crime in the city. if police will not get strict action against criminals then how they will stop the crime and how they will provide protection to women. Police stations and helpline should provide proper services at the time of need, otherwise, there is no use these services.

Lukewarm response from helpline numbers:

  • An official from the center said that not police and helpline take the call seriously.
  • The cops either come over late or ask you to send a complaint.
    The helpline teams don’t respond properly,” an official from the center said.
  • According to the center counselor that on 11 April they called the police to a take statement of a woman who was victim and police came four hours late.
  • The police stations are failed to prevent crime because of their lukewarm response. The women’s and child development department outsourced the helpline number but police is not managing it properly
  • According to the center’s report cops and helpline operators do nothing only pass the buck.

Counselor reports to CJM:

The counselor listed seven cases, in which she called 1091 helpline number and not get any response. The CJM forwarded her complaint to the civil and police administration. After this Police confirmed that there would be no lukewarm responses and police will deploy a woman cop at the center and also quicken their responses.

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