HomeEVENTSLa Feria 2017: Chandigarh's biggest Flea Market is here!

La Feria 2017: Chandigarh’s biggest Flea Market is here!

HomeEVENTSLa Feria 2017: Chandigarh's biggest Flea Market is here!

La Feria 2017: Chandigarh’s biggest Flea Market is here!

We don’t have many flea markets in Chandigarh. Do we? But window shopping in a flea market is absolutely worth an experience. It’s fun guys! But we all know, a planned city that Chandigarh is, what we have here are rows of linearly aligned showrooms and monotonously lined shops, which most of the times fail to ignite that fun and excitement that the typical window shopping at a flea market brings to us. But worry not people! La Feria 2017 brings to you this opportunity to experience the typical window shopping, in Chandigarh itself. The Leisure Valley, at Sector-10, is all set to be converted to a shopping hotspot for two full days! When? March 4-5, 2017.

The concept of a flea market is rather new in Chandigarh, and it arrived in the city when La Feria was put up for the first time last year. After the thundering success of La feria 2016, the organizers are here with a promise of bigger and a better La Feria 2017. All the stalls at the market have already been rented out, and delight is going to be of a different level altogether!

Main attractions at La Feria 2017

La Feria 2017

  • Shopping Stalls, hundreds of them (primarily for clothes and accessories)
  • Exhibition cum Sale of Home and Interior Decor
  • Some amazing Food Stalls (from across the country)
  • Live Music and Disc
  • Workshops and Competitions
  • Sports Activities (Mostly offbeat!)
  • Dedicated Kid’s Zone.

Who should attend La Feria 2017?

  • Shopping Freaks (of course!)
  • Eating Freaks
  • Parents of Toddlers (Kids’ Zone!)
  • Music Lovers (Two days of mind-blowing live music)
  • Everyone else!

Event Details – La Feria 2017

  • Dates: March 4-5 2017
  • Days: Saturday, Sunday
  • Time: 12:00 noon to 10:00 pm
  • Place: Leisure Valley, Sector 10 Chandigarh
  • Entry Fee: It’s FREE people!

So if you are one of those shopping freaks who are always on the spending mode, how can you even afford to miss La Feria 2017? And even if you are not the one who would go jolly on the name of shopping, there’s a lot to do out there. Take your kids, have some awesome food, brush through the latest trends in the fashion world, enjoy some music, and make your weekend! La Feria 2017 is a must!


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